It is well known that free iPhone Apps are what people prefer, over paid ones. There are interesting free game Apps for iPhone that can glue one to it, all the time.

Topping the charts in free apps for iPhone is free Facebook for iPhone, while Doodle jump is the best paid iPhone App enjoying great response and player’s attention. Next in the line is Pandora radio station in free apps and Tap Tap Revenge 3 game app in paid category. Game Apps are the most sought after paid iPhone Apps, being a great hobby for tech savvy people.

Free search engine for mobile comes third in free iPhone Apps, while Pocket God gaming app is the third most popular paid app. Angry Birds available on App Store Is the fourth and Shazam a free app, that identifies all the songs of unknown artist for you comes fourth.

Free iPhone Apps or Paid ones, there’s no limit on the options one has, with millions of apps added each day. A music based gaming named Tap Tap Revenge 2.6, occupies the fifth position, while Flixster movie reviews comes fifth in free apps list.

Classic bejeweled-2 comes sixth in paid gaming iPhone Apps and weather channel comes sixth in the free category. This app gives weather reports that helps one to be prepared for a downpour.

Traffic rush is another gaming app that comes seventh in the charts for paid top 10 all time iPhone Apps. Google earth occupies same position in free app category. Classic Tap Tap revenge is occupying 8th position for paid iPhone Apps, while bump exchange app comes eighth in free apps, this simply shares contact information from other device over Bluetooth.

Skype comes ninth and AppBox Pro is a problem solver application, occupying ninth place for paid apps. Flight Control is tenth among the list for paid apps that guides air traffic, while paper toss, free game is the most played and comes tenth in free iPhone Apps.