Smartphone is indispensable, when one has to remain connected at all times. With browsing and extensive online activity being the motive behind acquiring smartphones, one should take care to have installed antivirus apps for protecting it. It can be an iPhone, or an Android powered device, or even a Windows mobile. Antivirus apps for smartphones are many, though choosing a reputed one is ideal.

Few most popular apps are listed below:

Popular Android security app Webroot’s Mobile Security full version costs around $15 and their basic version is free. This is based on cloud and URL based technologies. This app has anti-malware function and also include tool to ensure the phone settings are secure.

Trend Micro is another mobile security app for Android devies which cost $3.99. This protects identity and other personal information from phishing attacks. This app also stops malicious app downloads from the net.

AVG antivirus software for Android is free.  This version scans all the files including loaded apps, settings, data and media that may be infected with malware.  Also this app helps in finding your lost phone through Google Maps

Lookout mobile Security app available for free which supports Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices.  It checks every download for virus and creates data back up at regular intervals. This app also tracks lost handsets.

Norton Mobile Security is for Android device and is available for free. This works to scan files and card readers for threats and removes forbidden files. It is very similar to the ones used on a PC.

For iPhones, Apple suggests there is no need for antivirus apps, unless one’s phone is unlocked. There is no known malware for iOS. That’s one one reason why there are no antiviurs apps, when one searches on iTunes.

Accellion Mobile Apps is an Antivirus app for iPhones. It cannot be called an anti-malware app, but it helps one to access data securely. The App is available for free and, system charges for providing workspace is applicable. This app is also available for iPads, Android devices, etc.

VirusBarrier iOS is malware scanner for Apple devices iphone and ipad. This scans mail attachments and other files including files on remote locations such as MobileMe and eradicate all known viruses, worms and other types of malware.

Then there is WaveSecure from McAfee, which is a paid antivirus app for Windows mobile device. This works on BlackBerry, Android, and Nokia’s  Symbian OS also. This is available for $19.90 for a year.

There is Kaperskey Mobile Security app for $29.95 for a year, which can be installed on BlackBerry, Android devices and Nokia devices. When one is opting for paid antivirus app, they are sure to get firewall, anti spam protection and theft tracking of device. Few apps may wipe data when smartphone is lost, while a few do not touch data, but track the device.