Apple’s feature to store data on remote Apple servers is a great convenience for people owning multiple Apple devices. Syncing devices is not an issue, when one makes use of iCloud services. One may store every kind of details using appropriate apps, be it contacts or calendar events, it is easier to have them in all Apple devices. 5GB of iCloud space may not be enough for tech savvy people. Optimizing iCloud is the key to maximizing storage, without paying additional charges for extra space other than 5GB offered.  You might also like Apple’s iCloud: What you need to know?

One should begin the optimizing process with changing iCloud settings for storage and backup tab. Managing storage is easier when one has prioritized apps for contact management, music files, video files, etc. Storing select apps that are needed on all devices maximizes the storage space usage.

Back up storage section, for a particular iOS device always lists frequently used apps, but it has stored all apps for back up when one chooses to back up their iPhone or iOS device completely. One may not be using few of apps regularly. It is better to delete these contact or work specific or games specific apps from iCloud, to optimize and thus maximize storage space available with iCloud.

One should remember that apps deleted when accessing Backup and Storage section, are not deleted from their device. So, one should toggle an app off and delete it, in order to save iCloud space. There are many iCloud integrated apps in the market. One should make sure that they are giving right priority to apps. Using MobileMe, FindMyDevice, Photostream, etc are very useful. One should find a balance between syncing various files, or contacts to multiple devices and yet having enough space.

One may want to opt for a space subscription package with Apple, if free 5GB space is too small for them. These packages start at 10GB iCloud space for $20 per year. Optimizing one’s usage of apps and files is a way to stay organized. This optimization is also helpful in prolonging battery life of Apple devices and also, for extending the memory capacity of iCloud.

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