Apple’s SIRI is a feature that is yet to become a part of one’s daily life. Using SIRI is useful when one has to message family members of their whereabouts, or use Google maps or other database for quick voice search where hand usage is constrained. Alarms are easiest to use when SIRI is at service. Getting answers to, what one is looking for needs time and training with SIRI.  You might also like Apples SIRI: How to Use Apple iOS 5 SIRI Voice Recognition App?

Setting up Alarms: One may simply tell SIRI to remind something at specific time. One may start with either Remind me to message, or Wake me at specific time, or remind the place when they visit it next time. SIRI cannot remember place names unless one specifies, but can make note of co-ordinates of a place and remind the message, when it detects, person to be in same co-ordinates again.

Messaging using SIRI: One may send text messages by starting the command with text my wife or text a family member, followed by the message to be sent. To be able to use this feature well, one should first introduce family members to SIRI, beginning with My wife is, My father is, My mother is, and so on. They may also save Facebook, Google+ and Twitter contacts when they have followed the instructions after messaging to appropriate short code countries. This makes it easy to update their status after they have saved the contacts successfully.

Playing Songs: One need not search the long list of favorite songs to play them. Telling SIRI to play the songs by an artist, or play a particular song is enough. This requires one to remember some details of tracks or title of songs in playlists. People who are avid music listeners may use this feature to their advantage to create many dynamic playlists.

Using Wolfram for Queries: Whenever one precedes their voice request with Wolfram, SIRI searches the database of Wolfram to give answers that are suitable to question asked. Intelligent queries like showing the color when giving the code for colors is very useful for person needing to work in colors all the time. Command like Wolfram pound sign 2 9 A B 8 7 will display a Jungle Green color swatch on the screen.

One may ask anything from probability to analytical questions or times zones, or Morse codes, or even meaning of a word using Wolfram integration in command.

While one is using SIRI to write an e-mail, they may simply dictate it, as if to a personal assistant, but when one has to write a punctuation mark in its literal word, they may have to turn on, no caps, no space and spell the punctuation mark and then turn off the specific features. It should be in the following manner: no caps on, no space on, C O M M A, no space off, no caps off

Know What SIRI understands: When one has just started using SIRI, they may tap to see what SIRI understood for a particular voice command. When most of the command s were understood in right context except for few misplaced words, they can key in exact words and save it.

Get creative: One may always try new ways to understand SIRI. Try talking to it in a different pattern or with a different question. One may be in for a surprise when they find out reactions of SIRI.