Apple TV has opened up new possibilities of using TV for playing media over the Internet. With a simple hardware and efficient OS, Apple TV has entered our living rooms with a bang. If Apple bought new aspects for entertainment, Google TV blurs the line between browsing from study to watching TV in living room. Being able to watch TV and also browse, at the same time is sure an improvement. With Android Market availability, Google merges study and play together into one impressive and improvised Google TV.

Searching for favorite music on YouTube or watching movies on Netflix, Apple TV offers all these on the big screen wireless and effortlessly. With enough taps and AirPlay app, one can easily show what ever is running on any Apple device like iPad or iPhone, on big screen without need for connectivity. Streaming wireless, is the specialty of Apple TV. Entertainment on TV will now be perceived differently, thanks to Apple TV and apps like AirPlay.

Live sports or feature to book tickets from living room. Live games on Apple TV in HD are a pleasure to watch. One can also keep themselves updated with Wall Street Journal on Apple TV. One can also rip their DVD, completely removing the need, to store media files on DVD. All video files can be trans-coded to format that is supported by Apple TV to watch or listen. App stores has both free, as well as paid apps, to help one in this regard.

With Google TV, one can replace a browsing system with TV. Except Hulu, Google offers a host of live TV channels that are customized for Google TV, thus changing the meaning of browsing. Google makes use of Atom processor that can run a Netbook, giving it higher capability and ability to play video at 1080p, picture in picture feature is a plus point for all who do not want to miss live TV while browsing. Different media file formats are supported by Google TV.

This makes Google TV, ideal to watch all HD movies available online at HBO Go, Amazon, etc. CNBC, Twitter or Wikipedia on TV, everything is easy to browse, through Chrome based web browser. Remote control for Google TV has also been improvised to its previous Revue version. With many apps that are ready to hit the market for Google TV and factors like availability of TV remote control app to run Google TV from an Android device, slashed prices for Google TV, availability of Android market, things will be better for anyone who considers buying this, a viable option.

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