Apple’s iCloud is the tool one needs, when one is tired of having many devices. If you have many Apple devices and find it difficult to manage syncing them to play all songs on all devices, Apple’s iCloud has a solution for it. The basic concept is to store all the data on servers.

You can store not only music, also photos, apps, calendars and documents.  Space disk on these servers are provided and you can simply transfer all data to these servers, through WiFi and wireless 3G or 4G data networks. You are provided a 5 GB storage and this is more than enough for storing all photos, media files, mail documents, and much more using Apple’s iCloud.

All these features of Apple’s iCloud are for free, when one is subscribing for iCloud. So, you do not have to wait for long durations to sync your iPhone with iPad, to listen to that song. Every device will have all your songs and media files you downloaded. Apple’s iCloud has a big storage and is easily manageable, no syncing is required.

When you are buying songs from iTunes, you can choose to download it to every device simultaneously. You can also get to know our purchase history that is available on all devices, which can help you download separately on other devices when you wish so.

If you wanted to store songs other than ones purchased from iStore, you can do so at a nominal $25 per year using Apple’s iCloud sign up. There is no limit to the storage capacity, once you have subscribed for this feature. You can store all your DVD songs, or songs purchased from other stores, or free songs when using Apple’s iCloud.

There is also a large collection of songs on iCloud. With iTunes Match and Apple’s iCloud, you can match a original song lower in quality, to quality 256kbps song from iTunes.