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Essential Android Apps: eBuddy Messenger, Nimbuzz, Moboplayer

Android devices are a craze with many. Credit goes to many interesting apps, that are available as free, as well as, paid versions. It can be an app that helps in getting connected with friends, or even one that helps one send text messages. There are many apps and the top essential Android Apps are listed below.

Having a single account, to manage different messenger accounts is very convenient. Having this convenience on a phone, or smart device is really helpful. eBuddy messenger gives just that. Simple registration process, ability to add messenger accounts like MSN, gTalk, AIM, MySpace, Facebook and much more. With a single account, one can manage to get a summarized view of all online friends, across different messenger platforms. This way one will not miss any friend, irrespective of the network they use.

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Top 3 Android Racing Games: Raging Thunder 2, Asphalt 6 & Trial Xtreme

Android devices are known for great gaming consoles and graphic rich visuals, for most games that are offered. Since gaming is a favorite past time for people of all ages, popularity levels of games change dynamically, with each new games that are added. Below are top 3 Android racing games , listed along with little insight on each.

Raging Thunder 2 makes it to top position, even though it is available for $4.99. This game is for racing addicts to explore new avenues. One can choose their adventure locations and cruise either in beach, or ice capped mountains, or even great wall. This game is very interactive and engaging, thus becoming a favorite with many crazy racing fans.

Racing tracks are not boring when you play Raging Thunder 2, from abandoned temples to tropical beaches. You can enjoy racing on every track, when playing this game. It has single player mode, as well as, multiplayer mode for a group to participate simultaneously. One has to get involved when playing this interactive game.

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Top Girly Android Apps: New Popular Android Apps for Girls

The Android Sector is a treasure chest of worthwhile applications for everybody. But this post is all about apps which I find helpful as girls, and I’m revealing this list to every single lady who enjoys her Android however can’t find the appropriate apps for her “girly” necessities.

S’Memo Lite: This free of charge app is a cute option to those monotonous native notepads you’ll locate in your Android-powered mobile phones. You can manage the important points by setting a particular group for them, as well as publish them on Twitter if you want. The app also possesses alarm functionality, with the opportunity to back-up your information. The app supports both English as well as Korean language.

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Sending Free Text Messages(SMS): How to send Free Text Messages from your iPhone and Android Smartphones?

Text messaging is a relatively new kind of communications for lots of people, but it’s also one that’s surging towards huge popularity. There are numerous circumstances where quick messages are more practical than phone calls.

As text message rates continue to keep increasing, we want to emphasize you that there are many ways to deliver free text messages online, even from your mobile phone. I’ve found Kakaotalk to be endlessly beneficial. Users can sign up for the base 250 text message plan on their carrier. It creates the SMS interface on a standard mobile phone. Conversations can be found in the Chats tab of the screen, which appears much like the conversation’s tab of most Android SMS apps.

The stream of the messages is identical, with user images showing up next to text bubbles, and also the app causes a notification sound and a message preview while you receive a new text. Kakaotalk is available for Android and iPhone. It can also be used with the iPad and iPod Touch, but you’ll need to validate your account with a phone number able to receiving SMS messages.

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How to Watch Live TV on your Phone: Popular Apps For Watching Live TV on Android Phones

Different types of apps are available, with most becoming an instant hit with everyone. Apps that make it possible to view TV shows on Android devices are a welcome change. There are several others apps that make it possible to watch TV online. Below is a review on top 5 apps for watching Live TV on Android phones and top 3 apps that make use of streaming device, to stream TV output.

There is Television Lite that hosts news channels, HBO, Best of YouTube and much more, thus showcasing more than 40 channels in various regions like Germany, Canada, Netherlands, France, Australia, and few others. Zenga TV offers more Indian channels than any other regional channels, making Television Lite a popular choice.

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