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what is Internet Tethering? Apps for iPhone and Android Internet Tethering

Tethering enables your PC or a Mac to make use of your Smartphone’s data plan, offering you internet access in your laptop anywhere there exists cellular coverage from the Smartphone.

Internet tethering is simple to set up, user friendly, works almost anywhere, and is also very cost-effective. Operating both apps in your iPhone as well as your Mac enables your Mac to apply your iPhone’s web connection on the USB cable (no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth support). Apple has typically prohibited such applications for being available on the App Store attributable to deals with carriers.

Way back in 2008, Apple momentarily sanctioned an additional tethering app referred to as Netshare but swiftly pulled it from the App Store. Rather, users happen to be likely to pay extra fees to U.S. carriers including AT&T and Verizon who provide internet tethering as being an add-on support for $20/month. The acceptance of iTether might have been unavoidable by Apple again and may be pulled without notice. It is at the moment easily obtainable in the App Store for $14.99. Like the scenario of Netshare, if Apple can take the application from the App Store, it will still benefit people who purchased it.

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Popular Android Apps for Moms

Android phones are getting more popular than iPhone and Android Market has more than 500000 apps. Here are the top Android Apps for the busy moms. These android apps will make the life of the busy moms little easier and entertaining.

Baby Monitor and Alarm by TappyTaps: When you just have an intermittent necessity for a baby monitor, or if perhaps you don’t wish to pack the monitor when you’re touring, this application can perform the duty for you. When you purchase, you may also set the monitor to routinely play a pre-selected music or perhaps your recorded voice every time the child fusses. The application instantly keeps an action log by documenting every noise during the night time, therefore if you’re trying to work out patterns, it is possible to wait until morning to collect your information and start your research.

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Difference between Stealth and Non-Stealth Android GPS Apps

There is a great demand for stealth Android GPS apps. Stealth and non stealth apps are not very different from each other, except the way they stay hidden, or are visible. Then there is basic underlying difference that sets the pricing scheme for every app. Listing below defines few differences between stealth and non-stealth Android GPS apps.

Visibility is the main difference that demarcates each of these apps. Stealth Android GPS tracking app once installed on a person’s Android device is not visible at all. This means person does not know that he or she is being tracked. This is generally used to keep an eye on employees, spouses and children who cannot be trusted easily. On the other hand, Non-Stealth Android GPS App is visible and the user will know they’re being tracked constantly. Coming to functionality differences, there are many of them. With each specific tracking feature, the price of Stealth or Non-Stealth Android GPS app may shoot up.

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Rooting Android Phones: How to Root your Android Phone?

Android phones are a popular choice and legalized rooting of this device, has just earned more hackers into its fans list. Many a hacker wants to customize certain features, or use complete potential of a device by unlocking it, when it is an iPhone, but this is considered illegal by Apple. Google on the other hand, supports open platform and has no objections to rooting Android phones. Many people are still wary about turning their android phones into a non-functional brick and choose to stay away from rooting process. But when this is successful, they can get a more customized phone with greater control over their OS.

Rooting needs one to load a program named switch user, that gives root access to every program and a superuser permission that uses prompts to approve, or deny root access to programs. This can be helpful to have control over running apps that need root access.

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Popular Android Games: Air Control, Cut the Rope, Zenonia 3, Replica Island

Android devices are known for their impressive OS features and games on Android devices, is another impressive feature that makes everybody go for it. Android games are a class apart, be it free or paid, replica island or Air control, it is a craze among kids, teenagers and adults alike. Below is a review for few games that are popular with most users, which are listed according to user ratings. 

Popular game in paid Android games category is Air Control. This is for all the puzzle oriented minds and is based on drawing skill. It has 4 maps, for which one is required to show way to planes at runways. Becoming an Air Traffic Controller was never this fun. This gets interesting with two modes, classic game and puzzle mode. One can start a game when ever they have time to kill. It is perfect when waiting for appointments. This game is available for a price of $2.99.

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