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Student Apps: Top 10 iPhone & Android Apps for Students

With many interesting apps for iPhone and Android, students also can benefit from it. Below is a list of top apps for student using android and iPhone.

For science students, being up to date on science news is crucial. Android app that gives constant update on Science is Google News: Science. It tops the chart for top Android apps for students. Free iPhone app named Evernote makes note in either voice, or picture input, or text input. It’s rated as the best iphone app for students.

Second on charts for top apps for Android is A History of Science, which is very informative and give loads of information about scientific wonders. Second among top iPhone apps for students is iStudiez Pro, which is a paid app to keep track of time table with unique color coding schemes.

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Apple iCloud Tips and Tricks: How to Optimize to Maximize your Storage?

Apple’s feature to store data on remote Apple servers is a great convenience for people owning multiple Apple devices. Syncing devices is not an issue, when one makes use of iCloud services. One may store every kind of details using appropriate apps, be it contacts or calendar events, it is easier to have them in all Apple devices. 5GB of iCloud space may not be enough for tech savvy people. Optimizing iCloud is the key to maximizing storage, without paying additional charges for extra space other than 5GB offered.  You might also like Apple’s iCloud: What you need to know?

One should begin the optimizing process with changing iCloud settings for storage and backup tab. Managing storage is easier when one has prioritized apps for contact management, music files, video files, etc. Storing select apps that are needed on all devices maximizes the storage space usage.

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Top iPhone Flash Card Apps for Kids/Toddler

Apps intended for kids are great learning tools. It can be an app based on alphabets, or numbers, or app that helps toddlers learn colors. Knowing what apps are useful will help one when buying or downloading them from App store.

When one is searching for free counting apps for toddlers, they may opt Toddler Counting, which is a free app. There is another free app to teach alphabets for toddlers named AlphaBaby Free.

A great all in one app that is a step ahead of all free 123 or ABC flash card apps is Voice Toddler Cards app. This app is aptly named talking flashcards. A toddler can learn Alphabets, animals, numbers, shapes, colors, food and things. This app can be played in auto play mode for a child who is an avid listener. It can respond to finger touch of a child and move cards, when it detects the swipe of a finger. This voice based flash card app makes children learn to pronounce the words faster. Parents may also substitute their own voice, if they want their child to learn it differently, or in their own style. It works for iOS 3.0 versions or higher and is priced at $1.99.

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iPhone Tips: How to speed up your iPhone?

Though iphone has huge number of features, it becomes slow if not handled with total care and protection. Problems like slow swipes, delayed button recognition, delay in loading starts when multi-operations is done. In these cases, you can speed it up and bring your phone to original status by doing various things.

The best thing is to reboot. Reboot is different from restart so it should not be confused because restarting your phone will be of no use. For rebooting you have to do the following things:

     Turn off the Spotlight of your iphone.
Press and hold your Sleep and Home button for about ten seconds.
After it reboots, it will take few minutes to fix everything like the original condition. You will observe a far better and usable condition.

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Smule MadPad – Remix Your Life: How to Create your own music with everyday sounds on iPhone?

If you’re desperate to express yourself musically, but don’t have access to a conventional musical instrument, you should try MadPad. It’s a Fun and effective way to make music out of more or less anything. Every object that can make a sound, From kitchen utensils to pets, appliances to musical apps, can become part of your music with MadPad.

We recommend you start by planning a theme, or getting an idea of what sorts of objects you’ll use to make sounds for your music set. You’ll need to choose 12 sounds to record before you can play and record your music, which can be harder than it seems.

Here, we’ll talk you through the creative process. You’ll have a musical masterpiece in no time-and hopefully a bit of fun along the way.

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