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Best iPhone apps for Movie lovers: Movie Night Out, iMovie & AirVideo

iPhones are a breakthrough in the technology revolution. One feature that totally sets it apart is the Retina Display screen. With a screen as big as that and as precise as the retina (since it has rods and cones), there’s no reason you wouldn’t want to watch a movie. The 5 must have apps for all iPhone users would be:

We’ve all loved the brand since ages, as you get all the details about the movie, cast, inside-news and everything one could ask for. This is THE app for all movie lovers on iPhone. You can rent, buy, watch, organize and attend movies with one touch. The best part is, the trailers release here officially, with all insights before most other places.

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Top Girly iPhone Apps: Must have iPhone Apps for Girls

Most of the girls carry an iPhone along with all the accessories in their purse these days, and if a night out or a party is on the cards, then you can perk it up with some of the Must have iphone apps for Girls.  In the hunt of figuring out the best apps for iPhone from scores of alternatives available, this point I have collected some of the top apps for girls.

iStylist Makeover: Styler Design, $0.99
The concept of iStylist is usually to show you in the area of fashion, the application will skillfully determine what kind of clothes fits into your budget depending on your physique. The app has several choices including choosing the ideal dress or skirt in your case. Once you’ve chosen a picture you’ll be given the choice to decide on a latest hairstyle. There are lots of hair-styles to select from and you’ll be amazed how good they appear. Once you’ve carried out your look you may want an impression from a friend. The app enables you to email your formation completely from the app to get a viewpoint on your new appearance.

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All Time iPhone Game Hits: A Quick Look at Angry Birds, Cut the Rope & Fruit Ninja

A large number of gamers all over the world are taking pleasure in iPhone games along with its constant availability of free updates and also new game modalities.  Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and Fruit Ninja iPhone Games are all time hits.

Angry Birds
Angry Birds continues to be iPhone’s top-selling game from the first week of 2011, top rated longtime favorites apart from Cut the Rope plus Fruit Ninja. Angry Birds features a long time of gameplay, tough physics-based adventure demolition, and plenty of replay significance. All 288 levels, demands logic, talent, and incredible force to destroy the opponents.

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Apple TV vs Google TV: What can You do with Apple TV and Google TV?

Apple TV has opened up new possibilities of using TV for playing media over the Internet. With a simple hardware and efficient OS, Apple TV has entered our living rooms with a bang. If Apple bought new aspects for entertainment, Google TV blurs the line between browsing from study to watching TV in living room. Being able to watch TV and also browse, at the same time is sure an improvement. With Android Market availability, Google merges study and play together into one impressive and improvised Google TV.

Searching for favorite music on YouTube or watching movies on Netflix, Apple TV offers all these on the big screen wireless and effortlessly. With enough taps and AirPlay app, one can easily show what ever is running on any Apple device like iPad or iPhone, on big screen without need for connectivity. Streaming wireless, is the specialty of Apple TV. Entertainment on TV will now be perceived differently, thanks to Apple TV and apps like AirPlay.

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Sending Free Text Messages(SMS): How to send Free Text Messages from your iPhone and Android Smartphones?

Text messaging is a relatively new kind of communications for lots of people, but it’s also one that’s surging towards huge popularity. There are numerous circumstances where quick messages are more practical than phone calls.

As text message rates continue to keep increasing, we want to emphasize you that there are many ways to deliver free text messages online, even from your mobile phone. I’ve found Kakaotalk to be endlessly beneficial. Users can sign up for the base 250 text message plan on their carrier. It creates the SMS interface on a standard mobile phone. Conversations can be found in the Chats tab of the screen, which appears much like the conversation’s tab of most Android SMS apps.

The stream of the messages is identical, with user images showing up next to text bubbles, and also the app causes a notification sound and a message preview while you receive a new text. Kakaotalk is available for Android and iPhone. It can also be used with the iPad and iPod Touch, but you’ll need to validate your account with a phone number able to receiving SMS messages.

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