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Most popular New Lego Toys: Lego Mindstorm NXT 2.0, Lego Space Shuttle, Lego Super Start Destroyer

Lego toys have come in so many models and variations, that it may be confusing to decide, which one to buy. When buying it as a gift for a child, a list of most popular new Lego toys may be of some help. Below is the list according to rating of users.

Coming first in choice for adults and children is LEGO Mindstorm NXT 2.0. This is a build-able robot, which presents a task so advanced, in simple instruction format, to make one a budding robot specialist.

This has advanced micro-controller and a programming software, along with a guide to handle programming using a PC. One is able to create their robot in half an hour’s time. Customization tool is helpful in bringing out the creativity in one’s child.

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MegaMinx and PyraMinx Puzzles

Do you remember the time when you were a 10-12 yr old, and couldn’t get enough time out of the Rubiks cube? Of course, with different games and gadgets coming up these days, we don’t see kids with the Rubiks cube too often. It still happens to be the generation of 80-90s, who’re still solving the cube out on their way home, or when there’s some time off. The classic “Rubiks cube” stays the way it is. The position it holds, cannot be changed.

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Top xbox Kinect Games: Dance Central, Sonic Free Riders, Kinect adventures, Fighters Uncaged, Kinectimals

Kinect games are very innovative when considering the concept and fun to play. With so many Kinect games to choose from, one may simply get baffled. This difficulty is easy to overcome, when one knows what the top xbox Kinect games are. Below is a compilation to help one with choosing the most popular kinect game.

Topping kinect games list is Dance Central, with highest positive reviews. This dance video game can be played in any area, that has enough space to dance around. This game is a hit with many people. Whether they are ace dancers or amateurs, they get in groove once selection of song is done with.

This game, tracks body movements to judge a primary dancer dancing in front of TV. This is a very infectious game and is often used as at informal dance competitions organized at home. Burn those calories the fun way, because dance moves a dancer performs in this game are based on aerobics. This game is priced around $49.99.

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Top Windows 7 Games

Phone games are replacing regular PC games, for they can be carried anywhere. Windows 7 supports a host of games that are a pleasure to play along. From racy, adrenaline pumping action oriented games to quiet puzzle games; there are games for every person. Below is a compilation for top Windows 7 Games.

Coming atop the list for its racy action and thrill, is Hydro Thunder Go. It is a battle game that couples racing track into it. One has to battle pirate ships, UFOs and host of other opponent invaders; who can be as wild as a dinosaur, or an UFO. So being prepared pays off. With 9 levels and various scenarios, one may never have enough of this game. 12 power boats, bonus boats and many boats to be unlocked, this game is a thrill from the beginning until the end. It is priced at $4.99.

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Top All Time Hit Nintendo DS Mario games

The Nintendo DS games are designed with additional features that greatly contribute to heightening the standards of these games. The launch of the new brand of Nintendo 3DS games made a breakthrough in the gaming industry giving gamers an exciting new gaming experience. Some of the top 5 all time hit nintendo DS games (as per the majority statistics) to watch out for include;

New Super Mario Bros
This game ranks highly in the popularity list attributing to its polished graphics quality as well as its technicalities. The storyline of the game surrounds a well illustrated escapade of Mario fighting Browsers henchmen in a bid to save Princess Peach.

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