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Top All Time Hit Nintendo Wii Games

With the launch of Nintendo Wii a few years back, more and more gamers have been swayed by the astounding collection of games offered. Many have attested to the impressive gaming experience they have encountered along with the amazing control features like motion sensing that the games offers. Although different people have different tastes and preferences, here is a list of top all time hit Nintendo Wii as designated by the majority?

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
The Legend of Zelda is one among the most preferred games among the Nintendo Wii games collection.


The game was designed by Shigeru Miyamoto who did an excellent job on the graphics and the overall display options and quality of the game. It features an all new adventurous escapades with Princess Zelda and the Ganondorf, the evil one.

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Popular Sony PlayStation Vita Games: Must Have Games for your PlayStation Vita

There are numerous PlayStation Vita games online, to suit every player. With scores of video console games in the pipeline for February release this year, anticipation among players is on the rise. Date for the release of many PlayStation Vita games is given as 15th February 2012, while first-party games will be made available a week earlier. There is a mad rush for pre-booking, many of these console games. Few must have games from the list are discussed below.

On top and being prebooked faster is Wipeout 2048, which is a racing game based on anti-gravity. Thrills of speed can be experienced to full extent, when one has 10 different tracks and ships to race. At a time, 8 players can compete each other. It is available for $29.99 for pre-booking before the release date.

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Popular Wii Games: Latest Wii Game Hits for Adults

The Wii is among the most latest preferred games on the market, and is particularly one that the whole family can engage in. There are numerous types of games and pursuits that you could play, which includes adult favorites mentioned below:

Zumba fitness2:  If you’re accustomed to Zumba dance fitness plan, the Wii Zumba Fitness 2 is an ideal match up with your skill set. Overall, this is a great game and I provide it with my highest marks for amusement, gameplay and fitness training. Perfect for the vacations, your fitness crazy family or friends, or perhaps provides it with a way for your vacation party.

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Top Facebook Games: CityVille, CivWorld, War of Ninja & More

Facebook is buzzing with activity. With new games uploaded regularly, one may never find themselves bored. But few games always remain on top, even in a crowd of new games. A short review about top Facebook games is given below.

Most popular game on Facebook is CityVille. This game has many options for playing, one may either go on quests to know about their city, or simply build their city and decorate it in their taste and become popular, or start a business with selling or buying, or even open a franchise in a friend’s city. It is this variety in a game that is attracting 150 million users to it.

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Motion Control Gaming Consoles Comparison: XBox Kinect Vs Nintendo Wii Vs PlayStation Move

Interactive games like Xbox Kinect, Nintendo Wii and PlayStation Move are favorites with serious gamers and novices alike. Body movements are traced through cameras in console. A small comparison of above mentioned gaming systems is given below.

Xbox Kinect has features like hand movement controls, for choosing any option during a game or opting a different game. There is no need for remote, wave of hand or gesture is sufficient. Whether it is sport games or dance games, one will never have to learn to play, they have to play like they do it in reality. Once the system scans a person’s avatar, it tracks their body movements and responds well.  As for the advantages that Kinect games have to offer, there are scores of health related ones. Since this is a body control video game, it needs one to get up and move around to play. This is a great exercise coupled with fun that has no wires or remotes attached to it. 

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