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Easy Ways to Increase your Smartphone Battery Life

You might be using your smart phone for doing work on the go, or playing Angry birds. However, this drains battery life much faster. By following few simple steps, you can increase the battery life for your smart phone.

There are few ways to ensure longer battery life for a smart phone, like not using GPS unless required, or avoiding using Bluetooth, Wi Fi and GPS. This is because they drain battery easily and hence called battery drainers.

Using your smart phone in power save mode is the first step towards increasing its battery life. You can also make the screen dimmer, to increase battery life. A smart phone will have colorful display, so when not in power saver mode, battery drain is faster. Selecting shorter screen timeouts is also a good idea to extend battery life.

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Go Green: Solar Chargers for your iPad and iPhone: Solar-Powered iPad Bag, Premium Solar Charger, Mooncharge

Green gadgets are hot cakes for tech savvy people, who are environment conscious. Market is filled with green gadgets and Go Green slogan highlighted products, one may often get confused about the choice of a green gadget. The list below, can be of help because it lists most useful green gadget charger accessories that one can use.

Every iPad owner may have wondered about charging, when an outing in the socket-less destination is considered. To enjoy outing along with an iPad, one can buy a e5 Mini L Solar-Powered iPad Bag and Go Green. This bag has a solar panel that charges the iPad constantly, when placed inside the bag. It takes only three hours of sunlight to charge one’s iPad, for about 50% power. This charges iPad simultaneously, when receiving sunlight on its panel and hence is a time saving accessory. It is priced around $443.

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Go Green: Simple Ways to Recycle your Gadgets

Electronic gadgets get obsolete as and when new models are launched. This leaves one with a pile of old gadgets. If they are ignorant of ways to dispose old gadgets, it might be hazardous. There are ways to recycle your gadgets easily.

Listed below are few Eco-friendly ways to get rid of an old gadget:

If your electronic gadget is not working properly, you may want to search for gadget recycle programs. There are many charitable organizations that have drop boxes installed at frequented public places, to collect electronic waste and recycle them. Go green is the slogan for such organizations. It is dangerous to dispose electronic gadgets by throwing them anywhere. Do your bit for the environment, when it comes to electronic gadgets by opting for recycling programs.

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Go Green Go Paperless Business Using Online Tools: cloud, cutePDF, NitroPDF, Online Contracts, Dropbox & Invoicera

For a business enterprise, going paperless saves a great deal of finance, which otherwise would have been spent on stationery and postage. More and more enterprises are going paperless using many tools available online like, cloud, cutePDF, NitroPDF, Online Contracts, Dropbox and Invoicera. Uses of such tools, is discussed below.

Many business are using cloud storage for their digitized documents. Documents are easily accessible when they are printed into PDF files and stored on cloud based servers. If one is using Google apps they can have good cloud storage for their digitized e-Papers for nominal charges. There are few websites that offer to store PDF files online. Cloud storage, not only save hard disk space but also paper costs and movement costs in an enterprise.

Converting to PDF files, is a time saving measure when one has to prepare manuals or documents for storage purposes. Since Adobe Acrobat costs around $299 a year, one may want to go for cutePDF tool available as free and Pro versions. Pro version costs below $90. Digitizing existing paper documents may not be a feasible option, but one may use cutePDF for creating further documents in digital format and use cloud to have updated documents, accessible at all times with an i-Pad or Tablet.

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Go Green: Staple-Free Stapler, Universal Wrist charger, Solio Solar Portable Charger, Solar Powered Racing car

Green products are the way to go. Few are very useful, while a few can be categorized into play things. Below is a list of products that are useful, along with being economical.

A Solio Solar Portable Charger, is a green product that can be charged from direct sunlight. To charge it completely, it needs eight hours of sunlight. There is also an option to charge it from the USB port, or wall socket for about four hours.

Going by the reviews, it is of no use if sun rays filtering through windows are used to charge it. Direct sunlight alone can charge this charger. Place it for an hour and it can give 10 minutes of talking time on cell phone, or an hour music playing time on iPod. This can store charge for at-least one year.

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