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Go Green: Solar Backpack, Shake to Charge Battery & Solar powered Mouse

“It is technology in true sense, when it still respects the environment” is rightly said. With numerous Eco-friendly gadgets being launched every month, it certainly shows that we’re respecting it! These “Green gadgets” are actually a boon as it serves the same purpose, like its competitor, and it is extremely easy to handle them.

One of the marvels that’s selling high and has quite a few good recommendations would be the “Voltaic Solar Backpack”. Even though the bag looks simple, it serves one of the most required purposes- Charging! Being a backpack, it is absolutely tough so that it is carried off well, even in tough conditions. It has a huge storage space apart from the efficient solar panels. So, if you headed out for a long trip, you don’t need to worry about charging cameras, phones or any other electronic device. It is only sunshine away! Not to forget, the solar back pack is by itself made out of recycled PET material, which adds to the feature of it being Green!

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Go Green: Solar Roof, Solar Garden Light, Solar Light Cap and Solar chargers

Solar gadgets are available in every form to help you go green, when you are on an outing, or just relaxing at home. Electricity generation is one aspect of going green, while you can also use solar accessories to charge your iPod, phones and every electronic device. Here is a list of popular gadgets that have inspired many people to go green.

First on the list of solar gadgets is solar roof called Building integrated photovoltaic(BVIP for short). This is very innovative and gives one returns for long time. One time installation charges may be more than $10,000, depending on the area of installation. However, you should be careful enough when installing it in areas where there is no, or less sun.

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New Electric Car Concepts: 100% Electric & Hybrids

Many people view the electric cars as enhanced version of the golf cart that is run of electric power. However the truth is completely different and electric car can be of numerous types. An electric car can be sports cars;
SUVs, Sedans, and even Pickup Trucks

There are different variations of electric cars  available in  today’s market.  Here is a quick look at the differnt concepts available.

Combining Electric and Gasoline
Some of the electric cars use both electric and gasoline. An example is the Chevy Volt that ranks among the top five upscale midsize cars. What makes it unique is the power train; the electric motor that powers it for the initial 25-50 miles of driving. When batteries are depleted, the motor switches automatically on to a gasoline engine. However, it would still be considered an electric car because the mileage cap can hardly cross the limits.

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