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Google Analytics Tips & Tricks: How to Reduce Bounce Rates?

Bounce rates according to Google, is navigation to other websites from the landing page of one’s own website. It is measured by single page visits of a website and should be less than 35%, ideally. If a person visits a web page on one’s site and then navigates away to another completely different website, or just exits from the page, it increases one’s bounce rate. A bounce rate of 30-40 percent is considered normal, while 50 percent should make one take special interest in website optimization and work on aspects to reduce bounce rates. Factors that affect bounce rates are summarized below.

SEO is an important factor and has a say in reducing bounce rates. A highly optimized website will only present relevant content, which an online user had been searching for. Keyword stuffing is of no use and generally results in higher bounce rates. A page that is linked to a keyword, should have relevant content for that keyword and focus on services that are linked to it. A badly optimized page would not have proper online traffic, in the first place. Optimization gone wrong may become taxing, if high bounce rates are ignored.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Vs Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEO or Search Engine Optimization and SEM can be considered as different marketing strategies. A marketing strategy, may, or may not include SEM, but a marketing is never complete without SEO. A website for a firm is optimized, to make it visible to search engines. This is called Search Engine Optimization, this reverse marketing strategy deals with provider being present, when a customer is searching for a niche product.

That is, a website is listed for a search result when it has been optimized, and if a website applies good SEO techniques, like having good mix of keywords on website content(online SEO), having more submissions to different article directories(offline SEO), etc, it can make it to the top results of a search. This is necessary for being visible to a customer.

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SEO Keyword Research – How to Do It the Right Way?

Keyword research is a crucial aspect of online marketing that requires to be performed properly in order for your site to service best for you. It is suggested that you be serene and try to comprehend each word. You will be satisfied then, and get concerned with all the needed key phrases. Therefore, you can, primarily, study that the keyword research is the most significant thing that can make or ruin any site. If a web-site is not launched with right keyword research and execution, there are barely any chances that it can acquire lots of visitors.

Additionally, if your site attains fewer audiences, you will not know how to accomplish the objective for which you developed the site. There are plenty of keyword research tools accessible on the web that finds the best keywords for the topic or niche of your web-site. Key phrases can also be obtained from Google AdWords.

Google AdWords tremendously beneficial that reduces the keyword research work for webmasters and seo professionals and therefore provides a convenient research report together with several keywords. These keywords can be utilized in your site to have higher relevant traffic. Additionally, AdWords provides a thorough report of the number of times the keyword is explored per month from local in addition to global traffic.

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The Need for SEO & Six Basic Principles of SEO

The need for SEO is being felt by every affiliate marketer these days. This is due to the fact that an affiliate marketer wants organic traffic to his website. He would like to have his website seen by many potential visitors. It is indeed true that potential visitors alone can turn into buyers. This is the chief advantage of search engine optimization.

It is believed that most visitors come from search engines thanks to the employment of various keywords by them. This is primarily the reason why keywords have become the vital factor in SEO. Any affiliate marketer for that matter would not want ineffective traffic or traffic that goes in vain. As a growing affiliate marketer you would want traffic that shows interest in the product or the service offered by your website.

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Easy Ways to Get Quick Backlinks to your Website

Back links make all the difference, if you wish to be featured on search engines! Search engines value the quantity, quality, and relevance of these links. The trouble with getting “backlinks” to your site, as they are called, is complex. The best way to receive high quality links, is by creating a quality page, or site.

The easiest way in today’s world to get those, are Social Networking Sites. Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, Google plus are the top social sites, to promote your website. Nothing spreads as fast as the word of mouth. The social media is pretty fast. But you need to make sure, the content of your website is good.

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