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Popular Free PDF Editors: PDFVue, Open Office, Nitro Pro7, eXPert PDF

Online PDF editors are a great convenience when one has to view these files, or edit them in non work environments. Free editors that can be installed in personal computers to edit work related documents are also useful. Few popular choices for online editors, as well as, installable free PDF editors are discussed below.

Popular among free online PDF editors is PDFVue. This website does not need any registration to edit documents which is a time saving measure, but documents that are edited using this suite are marked with DocQ watermark. If one opens other file formats they are converted into PDF format. One may want to upgrade to a paid program for documents without watermark with prices beginning at $25 per year.

People searching for a good free PDF suite prefer Open Office. PDF export feature is quite useful when one wants to edit a document in other formats and export them as PDF files. This is not at par with Acrobat, but is a decent looking editor that works by exporting files to PDF formats. This is available for both Windows and Mac systems.

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Forum Software Comparison: vBulletin Vs Phpbb Vs SMF

Those who are running an online business or have their own website invariably have to participate in various forum discussions and have to post their comments. To make a successful discussion forum capable of hosting thousands of visitors every day, handling thousands of messages, and making money out of it, you have to take the help of a special type of software called internet forum software.

While hosting a successful internet discussion forum, there are lots of factors to consider. Firstly, take the server speed. You require an impressive server speed capable of coping with loads of visitors. In addition, you should also look at your site safety. The internet forum software that you use should protect your site adequately. Keeping these and other aspects in mind, we will have a comparative survey of some of the best internet forum software available, and check out how they rank in terms of all the vital aspects.

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Top RC Helicopters

RC Helicopters are cool playthings, which are a favorite with teens above 14 and adults. Ardent flying fans may have bought every new model that hits the market, while a conservative person may want to buy only the best or popular model. From the best models that improve assembling skills to ones that are already assembled, a short review of top RC helicopters are given below.

Most popular choice among RC helicopters is T-REX 500 ESP Combo. This has simple design and greater 3D capability. Torque tube has greater efficiency and auto rotation system that is tail driven, which is one of its notable features. Fiber Carbon frame is very strong and can withstand rough treatment. This weighs around 4.9 pounds, being 840mm in length and 310 mm in breadth and is uses Lipo Battery with capacity range between 2100 – 2500mAh. This comes for $658.40.

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Top Free Internet Security Tools & Free AntiVirus

Internet security tools are indispensable during the time where trojans, viruses and spam are rampant. A lot depends on what aspects need attention, when searching for free security tools. Few give minimal protection, while a few give some extra protection, but paid versions definitely have greater protection to offer. Below is listing of top free internet security tools.

Most of the time, one is satisfied with checking spyware, or virus for antivirus tools and offering this service for free is Avast free antivirus. This free version is best for home use, where one may visit all sorts of websites. This does not need elaborate procedures for installation, since its interface is user friendly. It also presents for easy uninstall options if the user did not want a certain gadget that was automatically downloaded through Avast. Potential viruses may be kept at bay when one has installed this free security tool. Online activities may be secured when opting Pro services. These are suitable for business computers.

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Apple TV vs Google TV: What can You do with Apple TV and Google TV?

Apple TV has opened up new possibilities of using TV for playing media over the Internet. With a simple hardware and efficient OS, Apple TV has entered our living rooms with a bang. If Apple bought new aspects for entertainment, Google TV blurs the line between browsing from study to watching TV in living room. Being able to watch TV and also browse, at the same time is sure an improvement. With Android Market availability, Google merges study and play together into one impressive and improvised Google TV.

Searching for favorite music on YouTube or watching movies on Netflix, Apple TV offers all these on the big screen wireless and effortlessly. With enough taps and AirPlay app, one can easily show what ever is running on any Apple device like iPad or iPhone, on big screen without need for connectivity. Streaming wireless, is the specialty of Apple TV. Entertainment on TV will now be perceived differently, thanks to Apple TV and apps like AirPlay.

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