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Google Chromebook Vs NetBook Vs Android Tablets

Samsung released Chromebook this June. It is basically a Netbook running on Chrome OS. While Chrome OS has proved its mettle with fast browsing and system performance on a Chromebook model like ACER AC700-1099, one may often find themselves confused when they want to choose between a Chromebook and a conventional 10” Netbook running other OS like windows. Android Tablets on the other hand, runs on smart phone based OS that works best for Android devices. Below is a short comparison of Google Chromebook vs Netbook vs Android tablets.

When one compares a Chromebook like Samsung Series 5 that has WiFi and Acer Chromebook model ACER AC700-1099, 11.6 with Netbooks like ASUS Eee PC 1001PXD and Toshiba NB505-N508BL, they may not find much differences regarding hardware support. Tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tab and Amazon Fire give rich user interface, that cannot be beaten by a Netbook or a Chromebook. Touch interface devices are generally preferred, when one is using these gadgets for secondary purposes.

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Google Chrome Cool Tips and Tricks: Web Browser Chrome Tips and Tricks

Google Chrome browser for a desktop, is proclaimed to be the next best thing. With its features like fastness, security, syncing and scores of clean and attractive options for one’s optimizing browsing experience, it is enjoying positive reviews from people needing web browsers to run java scripts, to people who use it for browsing purposes. Few tips and tricks that are helpful when using are mentioned here below.

Use Syncing to Save Preferences: Syncing in Chrome settings on multiple devices is made easy, with feature like Signing in to Chrome from a device. This creates a user account on the system and saves the preferences that one has given for syncing apps, or bookmarks, or extensions, or auto fill options. So the auto complete will give same options from desktop, as well as, laptop when one opts for sync everything button in their systems. This can be used to save passwords, themes and other advanced options like encryption for data synced. One can also add Chrome users, to save different preferences for each user. One should refrain themselves from signing into Chrome from public computers or laptops, this makes the data stored vulnerable to theft.

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High Speed Internet Server Provider Comparison: DSL Vs Cable Vs Satellite

Internet connectivity is provided by different types of provider and through different modes. Knowing what is suitable for a business related internet connection or a residential connection, helps one in choosing the right high speed internet service provider. Below is a comparison of three frequently used types of internet provider choices.

DSL or digital subscriber line is popular choice for small corporate needs, as well as, residential internet connections. ADSL using the telephone cables is a type of DSL connection for residential needs. Gaming or movie downloads need constant speed and this connection provides good speed rates and dedicated bandwidth. A DSL connection for larger companies needs will be expensive when compared to residential ADSL plans. Cost effective high speed internet service provider using DSL is a good choice for medium budget corporates.

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Electric ToothBrush Comparison: Philips Sonicare Vs Oral B

Electric tooth brush uses battery power to oscillate or rotate the brush head rapidly and they are considered to be superior compared to manual brushing.  A comparison of top models of electric tooth brush is given below. This comparison is for different models available from Philips Sonicare and Oral B.

Philips Sonicare RS930 is a popular choice among electric tooth brush models. Notable features for this model includes, 3 different modes of cleaning along with two routines, has UV sanitizer and is good at removing plaque. Clean mode, sensitive mode and massage mode are the three different modes of cleaning and has up to 3 minutes of personalized routines. It is priced at $136.

Oral B Professional Care 3000 is another popular electric brush model and is known for its indication feature, when one brushes too hard. This is getting good reviews for attaining white teeth naturally. Three modes of cleaning include daily clean for regular people, sensitive clean for people with sensitive teeth or gums and whitening mode which offers choice of customization. It is the most recommended electric toothbrush as it removes plaque. This model is priced at $99.99.

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Mozilla Firefox Tips and Tricks: Main Features of the Latest Firefox Version

Mozilla has launched its most up-to-date browser revise, Firefox 9, featuring a modification in its JavaScript engine as well as boosts theme plug-in and swipe routing for Mac OS X end users.

Firefox 9 features type inference within the browser which will increase the browser’s JavaScript efficiency in the two digit spectrum. The Mozilla programmer who worked tirelessly on adding type inference noticed functionality rises of up to 44%, unbiased testers outcome in between 20% to 30%.

The few other attributes and modifications are also striking. Mozilla records how the browser has become assisting the brand new application toolbar and icon forms of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion in addition to multi-monitor service and two-finger swipe routing gestures for the OS. Other improvements include:
        Support for querying DNT status through JavaScript
        Support for font stretch
        Enhanced support for text overflow
        Enhanced standards support for MathML, HTML5, and CSS.

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