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Fun Toys: USB Pepe Parrot & USB Robot Owl

There are many USB powered gadgets in the market which are useful and pratical but these two popular USB toys are just for plain fun.

USB Pepe parrot is available in a dual-powered format, runs on  battery and also powered  by plugging into the USB port on your labtop or desktop. This parrot listens to what you are saying and repeat at random intervals. Like a real parrot it flaps its wings when it repeat the phrases back.  This cost around $20 and availabe online including amazon store.

USB Robot owl is cool, it can be clipped on top of your laptop with the included clip and the Owl blinks his eyes and turns his head from side to side in a quizzical manner. Plug him into any handy USB port and push the button on the back to choose from three owlish moods – Active, Mellow, or Sleeping. You can also set him on top of his comfortable stump. This also costs around $20 and available at amazon and other online retailers.

USB Heated Coffee Mug & USB Coffee Mug Warmer

You don’t have to accept lukewarm coffee just because you don’t have time to leave your desk. Here is the USB Heated Coffee Mug for you that will make sure your hot beverages stay hot. This coffee mug keeps your coffee hot for hours by keeping this mug plugged into the USB port on your computer or laptop. This can also be used as a heated travel much by using the included 12-volt power adapter to connect to your car’s 12-volt power socket.

Instead you can get this USB-powered coffee mug warmer keeps your flat-bottomed ceramic or metal coffee mug warm at your desk. Keep your coffee or tea hot all morning long. At less than 5 ounces, it’s light enough to take with your laptop when you travel.

If you are looking for a gift with a geek appeal, you can get this USB heated coffee mug or USB coffee mug warmer online for around $20.  Some of the newer coffee mug models comes with Automatic Stirring.

Electronic Butterfly in a Jar

Do you love butterflies and ever dreamed of keeping a butterfly in a jar at your desk forever? Now you can! with the recent hit ‘Electronic Butterfly in a Jar’.

‘Electronic Butterfly in a Jar’ is a jar with a wire in it. The wire has a fake butterfly on the end. When you tap the top or make a loud noise, the electronics in the cap make the wire wiggle. This creates the very realistic illusion of the butterfly flittering around your jar. It even just stays on the glass and flexes its wings sometimes.  The wire is clear cable and you see only the butterfly.  It is powered by three batteries and last for months in standby mode ready for a tap or noise to awake.

This butterfly product comes in several colors and designs. The butterfly whacks up against the side of the glass jar and sounds like a real butterfly trying to break out. Butterfly will move for around 90 seconds and goes to automatic standby.

This product really cool and also really strange. It costs around  $15 and is available in many online stores including Amazon.

DOTKLOK: Digital Clock with Multiple Animations

Unlike those traditional clocks that we used to see in our rooms, the Dotklok has digital display that creates multiple time animations.

This open source Digital Clock is capable of displaying time in a variety of different ways – through standard numbers, words and even animations. Dotklok is a  Arduino-powered ATmega328 microprocessor which allows it to be easily updated and customized. It comes with a 24×16 LED display allows for a high-degree of creativity, while still having a bit of retro charm.

The different time animations includes basic date time, Pong tme, random dot time, just seconds remaining in the day and basic big time display. It also includes an interesting display mode, the percentage of the day that has passed.

If you like something out of ordinary, this unique and eye-catching  will surely create an interesting ambiance to your room.

USB LED Backlit Keyboard

The USB LED Backlit Keyboard is the perfect combination of features, design, and comfort. If you are one of those who  spend a lot of time in front of the computer, surfing the net or playing  games this cool LED backlit USB Keyboard is for you.

This is very useful if you would like to  use your computer in the dark. These keyboards come with both green LED and blue LED backlighting which looks cool in the dark. You can also turn off the backlit keys if you want.

These LED backlit USB Keyboard cost very less around $15  and several versions are available at many sites online from amazon to sites like Chinavasion. The USB LED Backlit Keyboard has easy access controls and an over-sized layout where each individual key is a bit bigger than average for maximum comfort. You can give a try as it is cheap, if not you your kid will enjoy the neon blue or neon green color keyboard in the dark.