SEO tools that help one is optimizing their websites better, are always in demand. Many tools flock SEO market claiming to be the best. Some are free, few are rightly priced, while a few are priced higher, with justification for a set of services being offered. Below is a comparison of SEO analysis software that will help one identify the advantages and caveats in a particular suite.

One of the most renowned and preferred SEO analysis tool is SEO Surf. This tool helps one in finding niche keywords, as well as, provides a feature to export keywords list. A decent page summary to know what anchor texts are used, for navigating away from a website. This helps one in tracking affiliate link clicks. There is also a report for incoming links, meta tags, help with backlink creations, help with a link popularity, complete support and much more. But keyword analysis is pretty basic and cannot be  any better for a free tool. Best for beginners in SEO analysis.

When one compares Market Samurai, there are better options for keyword research. A keyword generation tool is very useful to optimize content, according to keywords. This is not a free tool and is priced moderately at $149. This pay does not bring in many excellent features for one, but market situation can be studied, with one glance. Knowing competition scenario is pretty easy, when one uses Market Samurai. This is faster than other moderately priced SEO analysis software out there. When one compares this with SEO surf, it can be very helpful for keyword research. This tool will be beneficial, when used with other free tools to overcome its weak points, for on page SEO analysis.

Absence of keyword ranks, may hit hard when a website wants to make it to the top slot in SERP. Top ranked keywords used in a website will surely get good ranking for pages. To help with this aspect, one may opt for a different SEO analysis software that is priced at $79 a month called SpyderMate. There are limitations to reports for rank tracking, or SEM, but profiles and sites to monitor are not limited. One can track ranks for 1000 keywords, and optimize their website better. This comes with a 30 day free trial initially.

When one wants to have professionally compliant SEO analysis tool to reach top slot, WebCeo is the perfect choice. It is priced at $499 and when compared to other business SEO tools available and priced similarly, this offers more features and free updates for life. There is no limit to projects that can be tracked using this. Supports all kinds of versions(HTML, CSV, XML, HTM and much more) of reports, and offers features for customizing them and mail scheduling to clients. Task scheduler is also user friendly. Keyword search and research feature is best, with advice for various aspects of optimization.

Link popularity reports, ability to compare top 10 competitors, or only with a single specified competitor, submission to search engines, help with creation of robots.txt that specifies search engines how to look up a page, sitemap creation help, monitoring partnership agreements, inbound link analysis, Google page rank details, and more. This can give a tough competition to any professional business suite for SEO analysis and comes with a 14 day trial for free.

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