You might be using your smart phone for doing work on the go, or playing Angry birds. However, this drains battery life much faster. By following few simple steps, you can increase the battery life for your smart phone.

There are few ways to ensure longer battery life for a smart phone, like not using GPS unless required, or avoiding using Bluetooth, Wi Fi and GPS. This is because they drain battery easily and hence called battery drainers.

Using your smart phone in power save mode is the first step towards increasing its battery life. You can also make the screen dimmer, to increase battery life. A smart phone will have colorful display, so when not in power saver mode, battery drain is faster. Selecting shorter screen timeouts is also a good idea to extend battery life.

Use Bluetooth only when you want to transfer files using wireless and avoid wearing Bluetooth headset, unless you are expecting an important call. Trying to pick up every call while driving with Bluetooth headset on, may cost a few hours of your phone’s battery’s life, much like using wi-fi.

For Android devices, a WiFi toggle app is available. It can switch WiFi on, or off from home screen. These are simple, practice and effective ways to increase battery life in your smart phone.

Android phones suffer from battery drains owing to multitasking. You can use Advanced Task Killer, which can kill the apps that are not used currently. However,  it’s not advisable to let ATL run in auto kill mode. Even this app needs to use your phone resource, hence it is better to use this app manually to kill only the unnecessary apps.  Closing unwanted apps is an excellent way to increase battery life in your smart phone.

Also, do not use vibration mode for your smart phone. This needs more battery power than playing a ring tone! You can disable unwanted notifications to save your time and also, increase the battery life of your smart phone.

Android users have another app that helps in better battery management called JuiceDefender. This is for those who do not have the time to kill all apps manually, or disable battery draining features. This toggles every app, or radio on and off and thus, increases battery life for smart phone.

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