Android devices are a craze with many. Credit goes to many interesting apps, that are available as free, as well as, paid versions. It can be an app that helps in getting connected with friends, or even one that helps one send text messages. There are many apps and the top essential Android Apps are listed below.

Having a single account, to manage different messenger accounts is very convenient. Having this convenience on a phone, or smart device is really helpful. eBuddy messenger gives just that. Simple registration process, ability to add messenger accounts like MSN, gTalk, AIM, MySpace, Facebook and much more. With a single account, one can manage to get a summarized view of all online friends, across different messenger platforms. This way one will not miss any friend, irrespective of the network they use.

Another essential Android App that comes in the category of texting messages, is Nimbuzz. Nimbuzz is not only convenient when one has to send and receive text messages, but also useful when one has to send media and pictures via messages. This app has good features like searching contacts faster, notifications and feature to store chat history, for reference. This app is available for free, and runs on any Android device running Versions 1.5 and higher.

Coming next in essential Android Apps, is Moboplayer. This is the best app, when playing media is concerned. This player can play most video files including ASS and SRT. It allows for one to lock the screen when watching movie, so that any unintentional contact with touchscreen, does not hamper movie viewing. It is best when one has different file formats of video to be played. This app is also free and already receiving excellent reviews. Depending on the requirements of a user, they type of app can be chosen.

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