Applications for iPad that help one save time and offer great functionality, are what people always search for.

Cloud Connect Pro
Applications like Cloud Connect Pro are really very useful when you want remote access to your desktop, or Mac systems. Using Cloud Connect Pro, one can access any file on personal, or work computers, Word, PDF, Power point files , RTF files, HTML files and just about anything can be accessed using it.

This supports various protocols like AFP, FTP, SMB, WEBDAV, SFTP, etc. You can also access your Mac system using easy connect, when you have bought Cloud Connect Pro application for your iPhone or iPad. Use your iPhone, or tablet for managing work, even without having to be present at work place. It has multitasking features that does not need you to wait until download of streams is completed.

Animation creation HD
This tool will make animation easy for everybody. This has easy tools to draw and animate, with various color palettes and sliders. Frame management is also very easy when using Animation creation HD. Share your animations to all on YouTube, or any other sharing websites.

This app provides easy sharing options apart from animation compilation tools. Try a free version of Animation creation HD to see how addicting it can be. Now you can give shape to your imaginations when you have this powerful app in your iPhone or iPad.

Adobe photoshop Express
Sharing photos that are edited to look perfect, is easy when you have Adobe photoshop Express in your iPad. This image editor has powerful tools for image editing on the go. You can edit images in your mail attachments, or edit images from Photoshop website.

You can upload files to the same website or any social network site using Adobe photoshop Express. You can also email the edited photos directly. This way, you are not wasting iPad memory for your photos. Edit that puffy eye in your photo and upload it on Facebook, or mail it to your friends. It is very quick and easy when you have a tool like Adobe photoshop Express.

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