For a business enterprise, going paperless saves a great deal of finance, which otherwise would have been spent on stationery and postage. More and more enterprises are going paperless using many tools available online like, cloud, cutePDF, NitroPDF, Online Contracts, Dropbox and Invoicera. Uses of such tools, is discussed below.

Many business are using cloud storage for their digitized documents. Documents are easily accessible when they are printed into PDF files and stored on cloud based servers. If one is using Google apps they can have good cloud storage for their digitized e-Papers for nominal charges. There are few websites that offer to store PDF files online. Cloud storage, not only save hard disk space but also paper costs and movement costs in an enterprise.

Converting to PDF files, is a time saving measure when one has to prepare manuals or documents for storage purposes. Since Adobe Acrobat costs around $299 a year, one may want to go for cutePDF tool available as free and Pro versions. Pro version costs below $90. Digitizing existing paper documents may not be a feasible option, but one may use cutePDF for creating further documents in digital format and use cloud to have updated documents, accessible at all times with an i-Pad or Tablet.

If documents have rich graphic content, cutePDF may not seem a good option, but NitroPDF is a viable option available at $99 a year. Graphic images with good resolutions are easy to include in PDF files when using this PDF editor tool. This can also edit existing PDF documents that were created in Acrobat. Storing a full color PDF file onto hard-drive or cloud memory saves great amount of time, paper and money.

For a business, contract documents are a necessity. Having them accessible at all times is crucial for smooth running of a business. Paper documents have risks of being stolen or damaged while being transported. Using online contracts is an easier option to get work done faster. Emailing contract documents and getting it e-signed by clients is a faster way to get things going in a business. Many online tools are available for this purpose. Online tools are beneficial because they do not need any installation, since they are web based applications.

Other important tools, that can be used for having business documents accessible at all times is, Dropbox. This is an online file storage tool that offers convenience of storing edited versions of reports or manuals that are necessary all the time and can be accessed using a tablet or smartphone.

Another aspect that consumes paper for an enterprise is invoice. Paper invoices need to be printed, mailed and tracked accordingly if one follows conventional procedures. But if one were to use tools like Invoicera, there is no need to print onto papers, one may email invoice copies to clients. This software is available as free and Pro versions. Paid versions may go up to $49.95 a month.

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