Electronic gadgets get obsolete as and when new models are launched. This leaves one with a pile of old gadgets. If they are ignorant of ways to dispose old gadgets, it might be hazardous. There are ways to recycle your gadgets easily.

Listed below are few Eco-friendly ways to get rid of an old gadget:

If your electronic gadget is not working properly, you may want to search for gadget recycle programs. There are many charitable organizations that have drop boxes installed at frequented public places, to collect electronic waste and recycle them. Go green is the slogan for such organizations. It is dangerous to dispose electronic gadgets by throwing them anywhere. Do your bit for the environment, when it comes to electronic gadgets by opting for recycling programs.

Generally, gadgets dealers or cell phone vendors will provide you with a self addressed envelope for mailing your gadget. If there is no such convenience, one can search for many ways to recycle their gadgets online.

There are free apps that help locate nearest drop box or disposing point. There are charity events held for collection of e-garbage that help people go green. Programs for collection of e-wastes are many. One can use EPA website to search for appropriate gadget recycle programs. In some residential areas, there are charity organizations that come collecting e-waste at your door step. Search for gadget recycle programs in your locality and go green the easy way.

If your gadget is in working condition, you may resell it to fetch a good price. This way, you can earn while you recycle your gadgets. There are scores of websites that offer attractive rates, when it comes to selling used electronic gadgets. Do your bit of research before selling them.

If you do not wish to earn by disposing your gadgets, you may want to think of gifting it to charity. These organizations may give you a tax deduction too. Going green has its own set of advantages. When selling your old gadgets can be beneficial, one should always take care to check online quotes offered by different buyer websites and then, decide the best among the lot for recycling gadgets.  Check out our article on Solar Chargers for your mobile phone.  Related Go Green Articles: New Electric Car Concepts: 100% Electric & Hybrids