“It is technology in true sense, when it still respects the environment” is rightly said. With numerous Eco-friendly gadgets being launched every month, it certainly shows that we’re respecting it! These “Green gadgets” are actually a boon as it serves the same purpose, like its competitor, and it is extremely easy to handle them.

One of the marvels that’s selling high and has quite a few good recommendations would be the “Voltaic Solar Backpack”. Even though the bag looks simple, it serves one of the most required purposes- Charging! Being a backpack, it is absolutely tough so that it is carried off well, even in tough conditions. It has a huge storage space apart from the efficient solar panels. So, if you headed out for a long trip, you don’t need to worry about charging cameras, phones or any other electronic device. It is only sunshine away! Not to forget, the solar back pack is by itself made out of recycled PET material, which adds to the feature of it being Green!

Another boon to this millennium’s inventions would be the “Shakenergy Battery”. It takes a lot of creativity, to come up with an innovative invention like this one. Yes, as the name suggests, the batteries totally work on the power of you, vigorously shaking it. It doesn’t get easier, or simpler than that. Though it is being said that the power doesn’t last too long, we won’t know that, till it hits the stores sometime soon. But this is definitely a device one should be watching out for, since, shaking the batteries for a few minutes to recharge them sounds very convenient.

It might amaze you to know that you don’t need to use batteries, or wires for your computer mouse now. The “Sole Mio” solar powered computer mouse, launched by Delft University of Technology takes about an hour and a half, to charge and serves the same purpose. They’ve launched and researched about 15 prototypes, to check out which one suits the audience best. This is the right gadget, any tech-savvy and environment conscious PC user should have!

Everybody and everything is going green. It’ll help the world to be a better place to live in, if we actually switch over to bio-friendly alternatives. Though, you must know, that it’ll take some time for these gadgets to get economical. On the other hand, if you can spend on expensive gadgets and way of living, you can definitely afford to switch over to these. So, if you’re a gadget and gizmo freak, try looking out for the GREEN way before you choose to settle on the MEAN way!

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