Green gadgets are hot cakes for tech savvy people, who are environment conscious. Market is filled with green gadgets and Go Green slogan highlighted products, one may often get confused about the choice of a green gadget. The list below, can be of help because it lists most useful green gadget charger accessories that one can use.

Every iPad owner may have wondered about charging, when an outing in the socket-less destination is considered. To enjoy outing along with an iPad, one can buy a e5 Mini L Solar-Powered iPad Bag and Go Green. This bag has a solar panel that charges the iPad constantly, when placed inside the bag. It takes only three hours of sunlight to charge one’s iPad, for about 50% power. This charges iPad simultaneously, when receiving sunlight on its panel and hence is a time saving accessory. It is priced around $443.

Next in the list of green chargers is Premium Solar Charger that is also available on Amazon. Charger has a panel on its top, and is mountable on a window using suction cups, this comes along with LED lighting. This charger has indications of charge remaining in the panel, it connects with the iPad, iPhone, or any USB charging device and charges it simultaneously when solar panel is delivering power to the charger. The bag size can hold iPad, as well as, iPhone. One will be able to use the phone, while charging it through the solar panel. This slim charger is available for $59.99, or even half the price at Amazon.

The next charger is the Mooncharge, which is a Solar Charger iPhone 4 battery Case. This cradles the iPhone behind the Solar Panel instead of connecting to iPhone. One should not go by the name of the charger, because it charges from direct sunlight. One can also charge this using a USB, in case, there is no Sun. Every outing can be fun when 27 hours playtime for music, is possible using this green charger. Pricing may be around $70. With these accessories, one can display their environment conservation streak to the world, with ease and inspire others to Go Green, as well.

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