Green products are the way to go. Few are very useful, while a few can be categorized into play things. Below is a list of products that are useful, along with being economical.

A Solio Solar Portable Charger, is a green product that can be charged from direct sunlight. To charge it completely, it needs eight hours of sunlight. There is also an option to charge it from the USB port, or wall socket for about four hours.

Going by the reviews, it is of no use if sun rays filtering through windows are used to charge it. Direct sunlight alone can charge this charger. Place it for an hour and it can give 10 minutes of talking time on cell phone, or an hour music playing time on iPod. This can store charge for at-least one year.

Solar Powered Racing car is a green toy that can be built to perfection. Solar panels are attached to power these solar racers. If there is no sun, one can use alternate power from an AA battery.

Speed of 3mps can be achieved using this car. This can also go up the slope of about 30º inclination and around 8.27’‘x3.15’’ in area. This toy car is a good gift that can teach children about solar gadgets and its uses

Staple free stapler, does not need staples at all. It works by cutting flap around a corner of the paper, and secures it by folding and tucking into a slit. This can be relied upon for normal usage of staples, because papers do not come apart.

This comes in many varieties and is available online at Amazon. Notable features include interesting animal shapes, being maintenance free, along with being safe. It is priced below $10.

Then, there is Universal Wrist charger, that has a special strap that makes it possible to hold the device while charging.

This has mini USB, and charges using a Lithium-ion battery-pack. The capacity is 1,500mAh. This can be used with nine types of chargers, that can charge a Nokia, or DSi or iPhones.