Few other markets are as volatile as the online market. Thousands of new websites appear on the web while sites already create become inactive, viewers move on to new URL. Numerous other reasons are there for such volatility of the web and search engines always look for certain aspects to decide whether the website is SEO ready and can be indexed.

Reasons for Failure
Committing a few common mistakes can be disastrous for any website as the search engines will not consider that such website is SEO ready and will not index them and bang goes the objective of search engine optimization for business promotion online.

Common Mistakes
 Some of the common mistakes that webmasters commit are –
 Blocking search engines from their site;
 Wrong use of robots. Txt;
 Failure to indicate Google and others how to index the site; and
 Not spotting the mistakes leading to failure to prove that the website is SEO ready.
Easy Solutions
 There is no reason to lose heart as most of the problems have easy solutions like –
 Use of meta tags in individual HTML pages;
 Installing plug in to insert tags when web pages are dynamically generated;
 Keeping 80% of the website as pure text;
 Avoiding too many flash animations;
 Making navigation for the user easy and matter of a couple clicks only; a best way to prove that your website is SEO ready,
 Rendering web pages visible to search engines; and
 Monitoring like using the Google’s webmaster tool and creating an account for that;
 Limiting too many external links;
 Optimizing 404 error page; and
 Identifying and fixing the broken hyperlinks.
Follow these simple tips and not only you but also Google will find that your website is SEO ready and that is your ultimate goal in making all the efforts.

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