Different types of apps are available, with most becoming an instant hit with everyone. Apps that make it possible to view TV shows on Android devices are a welcome change. There are several others apps that make it possible to watch TV online. Below is a review on top 5 apps for watching Live TV on Android phones and top 3 apps that make use of streaming device, to stream TV output.

There is Television Lite that hosts news channels, HBO, Best of YouTube and much more, thus showcasing more than 40 channels in various regions like Germany, Canada, Netherlands, France, Australia, and few others. Zenga TV offers more Indian channels than any other regional channels, making Television Lite a popular choice.

Next in line is Free Android TV that allows one to watch more than 100 channels in their smartphone. This, needs one to install Flash player, to play TV channels. It will run a search in channel database when one selects a genre to watch. This is also a popular choice among users, for it organizes channels neatly into different categories.

People who want to watch TV shows on their Android device, would make it a point to install TV Tube in it. This has numerous shows to choose from and watch over, there is also popular show section available that helps one while away time if they are unable to decide which shows to watch.

Another similar app that lets one browse free TV content online is Watch TV. The categories are as neat as ever, making it easier to search channel in question. Movies, music channel or cartoon channel, one may get to watch anything that is available free online at these TV channels.

Popular for its choice, FilmOn is available online for watching TV on their Android smart phones. One may also watch free live TV in HD, or watch movies that are free online. One may also choose to stream user uploaded casts, or watch TV shows online. It requires WiFi to stream TV anywhere. This is one of the most popular and positively rated app, for its ability to tune into host of channels available online.

When it concerns streaming devices and top 3 apps that make it possible to stream TV onto Android device, U-Verse tops the chart. This is available as free trial for 7 days. Subscription charge after free trial is at $9.99 per month. One may also manage their DVR, making use of specific app for the same. It does not need one to have a U-Verse connection for Home to view live TV.

Dish TV makes it among top 3 apps that use streaming devices like, ViP 922 or Sling Adapter one may stream their TV video, onto their Android device successfully and watch TV on the go. This comes with a featured DVR manager. Dish subscribers will make sure that they have this free app installed in their Android device running Android OS 1.6 or higher.

SlingPlayer box can be used to stream live TV to a smart device with suitable app to show the incoming streamed video, if the home service does not provide option to stream TV output to their smartphone. This requires one to invest more on hardware Slingbox solo or Slingbox Pro-HD, priced $150 or $300. This app is priced at $29.

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