According to Google, “Pages that we believe are important pages receive a higher PageRank and are more likely to appear at the top of the search results.” 

Google ranking is very important for achieving good traffic and visibility for your website. When a website is making it to right spot in search engine results, drawing traffic is almost automatic. There are few simple steps that can help improve Google ranking for a website.

Optimization plays an important role in ranking. A site that is optimized right, need not be atop results invariably. However, it does enjoy preference, as compared to other poorly optimized sites. Having quality links is crucial and so is good optimization technique. Seeking professional help is ideal, if and when there’s a drop in Google ranking.

Buying backlinks for a website, is a definite NO. The website may earn penalization for doing so! Having high quality backlinks, though less in number, can be of great benefit. High quality backlinks improve website ranking, while excessive backlinks can get the site penalized.

Website content should be optimized for target keyword. However, understanding the appropriate keyword density is very important. Also, one should never compromise content meaning and message while optimizing.  Find out more about  How to Make Your Website SEO Ready? 

Using HTML coding instead of flash and making the sites user friendly is very important. Search engines do not understand flash content! A website with more flash content, is likely to have lower Google ranking.

Updating content at regular intervals is another simple, yet effective step to ensure good ranking. Google determines fresh content through crawling. Content written for the site, should be relevant and optimized for domain keywords. Professional web content writers make use of tools to determine right keywords for any niche product.

Attracting and retaining traffic is the key to getting better rank with Google. Initial traffic is important for improved website ranking. Use of meta tags and tags, helps to a great extent.  Check out our article on Getting Twitter marketing for website Traffic and profits 

Having a blog is always helpful, when one needs to inform followers about new product releases. This helps to have steady traffic, which can be directed to the website.

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