Though iphone has huge number of features, it becomes slow if not handled with total care and protection. Problems like slow swipes, delayed button recognition, delay in loading starts when multi-operations is done. In these cases, you can speed it up and bring your phone to original status by doing various things.

The best thing is to reboot. Reboot is different from restart so it should not be confused because restarting your phone will be of no use. For rebooting you have to do the following things:

     Turn off the Spotlight of your iphone.
Press and hold your Sleep and Home button for about ten seconds.
After it reboots, it will take few minutes to fix everything like the original condition. You will observe a far better and usable condition.

Other than this, you should know some more things in order to prevent future slow down. Those are:

Approximately 500mb of free space should be maintained. For this, you should delete the songs which you never listen and videos or movies you never watch.

Download and store less emails on your phone. Remove all the emails which are not extremely important.

After you spent time in internet, clear the browser history and cookies as it affects the speed of internet by slowing it down.

The list of text messages must be less. You should delete the texts which are of no use in future.

Fewer applications will be better as applications slow down the phone. You should remove applications which are rarely used and can be found anywhere easily if required in future.

Avoid multi-operations because it affects up to certain extent.

Iphone has an option of auto-fetching the emails. If the default settings is to check every time, Change it to check after longer intervals.

Images, songs and videos can be copied to computer if they are to be stored. Or else it can be directly deleted so that space can be increased as the main motive should be to keep the phone unproblematic.

Latest operating system must be installed because many times applications of new technology are desired to install. So your phone should be updated to cope up with new applications.

Background application slows down the phone. Thus, background applications which are of no use must be removed to increase the speed of iphone.

Keeping all the above things in mind and exercising them at regular intervals will extend your iphone’s life. It will also perform operations at good speed and maintain this speed for longer period of time.  Check out the related iPhone article Easy ways to increase smart phone battery life,  iPhone Battery Replacement