Do you remember the time when you were a 10-12 yr old, and couldn’t get enough time out of the Rubiks cube? Of course, with different games and gadgets coming up these days, we don’t see kids with the Rubiks cube too often. It still happens to be the generation of 80-90s, who’re still solving the cube out on their way home, or when there’s some time off. The classic “Rubiks cube” stays the way it is. The position it holds, cannot be changed.

However, the new “megaminx” puzzle, as they’ve decided to call the dodecahedron shaped puzzle, with 50 movable sides. It is definitely believed to be a lot more complicated than that Rubiks cube, which has 20 movable sides. But fortunately, it is not, because it is not a deep cut puzzle. Megaminx puzzles are available as 6 color and 12 color puzzles. The combinations are very high and require a lot of thinking, to solve it. Since it’s bigger, not all tricks that would help solve a Rubiks cube, would work in this case. But, it is definitely worth a try if you’ve already aced the Rubiks Cube.

It might also interest you to know about the “pyraminx” puzzle, which as the name suggests is in the shape of a pyramid. It is a tetrahedral puzzle, which also keeps your hands and brains busy. There are 6 edge pieces, which can be moved the way you want. The 4 octahedral axial pieces, rotate only around the axis that they’ve been attached to. This is a feature that is not directly evident. However, it is a rather easy puzzle, as compared to the Rubiks or Megaminx.

It seems that despite of new dimensional puzzles coming up, the old classic holds on. Rubiks Cube is still what holds most of our attention as yet again, most of us are still in the beginning. And, we hardly ever get one side correct. For rookies, the megaminx may seem to be a big deal for the very obvious reasons. However, getting a hand on pyraminx might actually boost your confidence. All of these still hold as one of the best mind games and pastimes.

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