Lego toys have come in so many models and variations, that it may be confusing to decide, which one to buy. When buying it as a gift for a child, a list of most popular new Lego toys may be of some help. Below is the list according to rating of users.

Coming first in choice for adults and children is LEGO Mindstorm NXT 2.0. This is a build-able robot, which presents a task so advanced, in simple instruction format, to make one a budding robot specialist.

This has advanced micro-controller and a programming software, along with a guide to handle programming using a PC. One is able to create their robot in half an hour’s time. Customization tool is helpful in bringing out the creativity in one’s child.

Making it to the second place in most popular new Lego toys, is Lego Shuttle Expedition. This is larger of the two versions, that were released for Lego Space Shuttle.

This is a choice for children above 14 years of age. This Lego Shuttle is about 44cm tall and 25.5cm in width, when measured from one wing tip to the other. Rock boosters, three fuel tanks, launch pad, orbiter, satellite and two astronauts, are all included. One can design their space shuttle from the scratch. Kids who are mad about space exploration, may take to this Lego toy.

Newest and third in the list is Lego Super Start Destroyer. This is bulkier and occupies more space, when built completely. If brick model of space shuttle was easy to build for a child, they can be given this toy to play around with. This takes time to assemble. This should be built, section by section, lest one may get confused. Kids crazy about Star Wars, will love building it and showing it to their friends.

Creating a LEGO town, will be easier, when one has an array of LEGO creator sets for a scene. Topping this choice, is the LEGO Pet Shop. Lot more is included in this toy set, for it has to simulate a real pet shop. A pet shop owner, painter, cat, dog, fish tank containing goldfish, two parrots, birdhouse, frog toy, brush and bucket. The kitchenette, and other parts of this building, are also available in great detail. One can set this up with other models, to have a real scene of a town street.

There are many famous structures and building them with Lego bricks, will be fun and interesting. Recreating London Bridge tops this category. This model needs more space for its length(102cm) than its width(26). This scene has vehicles on the bridge, bus, automobiles, etc to make it look realistic. Angular bricks, arches, and around 80 windows and much more, are included in the set. Building this masterpiece will give a child all the creative food for their brain.

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