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Student Apps: Top 10 iPhone & Android Apps for Students

With many interesting apps for iPhone and Android, students also can benefit from it. Below is a list of top apps for student using android and iPhone.

For science students, being up to date on science news is crucial. Android app that gives constant update on Science is Google News: Science. It tops the chart for top Android apps for students. Free iPhone app named Evernote makes note in either voice, or picture input, or text input. It’s rated as the best iphone app for students.

Second on charts for top apps for Android is A History of Science, which is very informative and give loads of information about scientific wonders. Second among top iPhone apps for students is iStudiez Pro, which is a paid app to keep track of time table with unique color coding schemes.

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Essential Android Apps: eBuddy Messenger, Nimbuzz, Moboplayer

Android devices are a craze with many. Credit goes to many interesting apps, that are available as free, as well as, paid versions. It can be an app that helps in getting connected with friends, or even one that helps one send text messages. There are many apps and the top essential Android Apps are listed below.

Having a single account, to manage different messenger accounts is very convenient. Having this convenience on a phone, or smart device is really helpful. eBuddy messenger gives just that. Simple registration process, ability to add messenger accounts like MSN, gTalk, AIM, MySpace, Facebook and much more. With a single account, one can manage to get a summarized view of all online friends, across different messenger platforms. This way one will not miss any friend, irrespective of the network they use.

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Popular Free PDF Editors: PDFVue, Open Office, Nitro Pro7, eXPert PDF

Online PDF editors are a great convenience when one has to view these files, or edit them in non work environments. Free editors that can be installed in personal computers to edit work related documents are also useful. Few popular choices for online editors, as well as, installable free PDF editors are discussed below.

Popular among free online PDF editors is PDFVue. This website does not need any registration to edit documents which is a time saving measure, but documents that are edited using this suite are marked with DocQ watermark. If one opens other file formats they are converted into PDF format. One may want to upgrade to a paid program for documents without watermark with prices beginning at $25 per year.

People searching for a good free PDF suite prefer Open Office. PDF export feature is quite useful when one wants to edit a document in other formats and export them as PDF files. This is not at par with Acrobat, but is a decent looking editor that works by exporting files to PDF formats. This is available for both Windows and Mac systems.

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Go Green: Solar Chargers for your iPad and iPhone: Solar-Powered iPad Bag, Premium Solar Charger, Mooncharge

Green gadgets are hot cakes for tech savvy people, who are environment conscious. Market is filled with green gadgets and Go Green slogan highlighted products, one may often get confused about the choice of a green gadget. The list below, can be of help because it lists most useful green gadget charger accessories that one can use.

Every iPad owner may have wondered about charging, when an outing in the socket-less destination is considered. To enjoy outing along with an iPad, one can buy a e5 Mini L Solar-Powered iPad Bag and Go Green. This bag has a solar panel that charges the iPad constantly, when placed inside the bag. It takes only three hours of sunlight to charge one’s iPad, for about 50% power. This charges iPad simultaneously, when receiving sunlight on its panel and hence is a time saving accessory. It is priced around $443.

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Apple iCloud Tips and Tricks: How to Optimize to Maximize your Storage?

Apple’s feature to store data on remote Apple servers is a great convenience for people owning multiple Apple devices. Syncing devices is not an issue, when one makes use of iCloud services. One may store every kind of details using appropriate apps, be it contacts or calendar events, it is easier to have them in all Apple devices. 5GB of iCloud space may not be enough for tech savvy people. Optimizing iCloud is the key to maximizing storage, without paying additional charges for extra space other than 5GB offered.  You might also like Apple’s iCloud: What you need to know?

One should begin the optimizing process with changing iCloud settings for storage and backup tab. Managing storage is easier when one has prioritized apps for contact management, music files, video files, etc. Storing select apps that are needed on all devices maximizes the storage space usage.

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