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Unique Office Cubicle Decor: Cool USB/Solar Gadgets

A person’s cubicle is a reflection of what he or she is. Great decors, add a touch of sophistication to one’s personality and space. It can be adding variety to their work place to get motivated or spending time during breaks, most decors are therapeutic in nature. They ease stress and reduce. A few unique cubicle decors are discussed below.

SoundMaster Dancing Water Speakers is the most amazing cubicle decor one may want to add to their work place. It is not only soothing to look at dancing water, which is in fact colored light, but also adds color to boring monochrome cubicle. It is therapeutic to watch water show when favorite song or music is playing. This wonderful light showing decor comes for $39.99. This gadget is a great gifting idea too.

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Top 3 Android Racing Games: Raging Thunder 2, Asphalt 6 & Trial Xtreme

Android devices are known for great gaming consoles and graphic rich visuals, for most games that are offered. Since gaming is a favorite past time for people of all ages, popularity levels of games change dynamically, with each new games that are added. Below are top 3 Android racing games , listed along with little insight on each.

Raging Thunder 2 makes it to top position, even though it is available for $4.99. This game is for racing addicts to explore new avenues. One can choose their adventure locations and cruise either in beach, or ice capped mountains, or even great wall. This game is very interactive and engaging, thus becoming a favorite with many crazy racing fans.

Racing tracks are not boring when you play Raging Thunder 2, from abandoned temples to tropical beaches. You can enjoy racing on every track, when playing this game. It has single player mode, as well as, multiplayer mode for a group to participate simultaneously. One has to get involved when playing this interactive game.

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Easy Ways to Get Quick Backlinks to your Website

Back links make all the difference, if you wish to be featured on search engines! Search engines value the quantity, quality, and relevance of these links. The trouble with getting “backlinks” to your site, as they are called, is complex. The best way to receive high quality links, is by creating a quality page, or site.

The easiest way in today’s world to get those, are Social Networking Sites. Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, Google plus are the top social sites, to promote your website. Nothing spreads as fast as the word of mouth. The social media is pretty fast. But you need to make sure, the content of your website is good.

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Go Green: Simple Ways to Recycle your Gadgets

Electronic gadgets get obsolete as and when new models are launched. This leaves one with a pile of old gadgets. If they are ignorant of ways to dispose old gadgets, it might be hazardous. There are ways to recycle your gadgets easily.

Listed below are few Eco-friendly ways to get rid of an old gadget:

If your electronic gadget is not working properly, you may want to search for gadget recycle programs. There are many charitable organizations that have drop boxes installed at frequented public places, to collect electronic waste and recycle them. Go green is the slogan for such organizations. It is dangerous to dispose electronic gadgets by throwing them anywhere. Do your bit for the environment, when it comes to electronic gadgets by opting for recycling programs.

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Top iPhone Flash Card Apps for Kids/Toddler

Apps intended for kids are great learning tools. It can be an app based on alphabets, or numbers, or app that helps toddlers learn colors. Knowing what apps are useful will help one when buying or downloading them from App store.

When one is searching for free counting apps for toddlers, they may opt Toddler Counting, which is a free app. There is another free app to teach alphabets for toddlers named AlphaBaby Free.

A great all in one app that is a step ahead of all free 123 or ABC flash card apps is Voice Toddler Cards app. This app is aptly named talking flashcards. A toddler can learn Alphabets, animals, numbers, shapes, colors, food and things. This app can be played in auto play mode for a child who is an avid listener. It can respond to finger touch of a child and move cards, when it detects the swipe of a finger. This voice based flash card app makes children learn to pronounce the words faster. Parents may also substitute their own voice, if they want their child to learn it differently, or in their own style. It works for iOS 3.0 versions or higher and is priced at $1.99.

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