Pets are great companions for human beings. Having pets can be nice, but one should also take precautions, to ensure they are in good health, when they love them. There are gadgets that pet lovers can deploy, to ensure pet nurturing is easy and hassle free. Pet gadgets that track pet movement, or that help train them, or ones that help an owner to feed remotely, or automatically clean pet litter are many. A few must have pet gadgets are listed below.

If pets are fed daily, chances that they survive on their own. But what if they get lost? There is no way to track them. In such cases, there are gadgets that can come to one’s aid. Topping the charts is of course the GPS tracker for pets. They are small and can be fixed around their neck like collars. This also lets one select area of safety, and get alerted when their pets cross the border. One can choose a simple tracker to keep rack of a pet’s whereabouts. Popular brands include Tagg The Pet Tracker, a dog GPS device which is lightweight and can be attached to most dog collars. This GPS can be tracked using a smartphone or computer.

There is another gadget called Puppy Tweets, plastic tag collar with a sound and motion sensor that will tweet activity of their pups on Twitter. The electronic dog tag device identifies movement of a pet and tweets a message on Twitter accordingly. You can get the  plastic tag and the USB receiver for less than $10 online. This comes with more than 500 pre-loaded messages.

Pet litter cleaning, is one activity that is not liked by many. To make pet raising stress free, there is an automatic litter cleaning pet gadget called Litter robot. This is time saving and needs occasional cleaning and maintenance. Automated models that can completely remove the need to clean litter are launched recently.

For people who have to leave pets alone when at work, remote pet feeder gadget is a must. The latest models not only record owner’s voice to call the pet, but also email picture of pet actually eating food. These pet gadgets are sure very useful and handy.

Then, there is umbrella for a pet that can be tied to collar. This pet gadget is a sure and safe way to take one’s pet outdoors, without worrying about showers. If one can afford, they may go a step further to buy laser pet toys for their cats. This projects a laser dot, which cats chase to their heart’s content. Pet bed that warms, or cools accordingly, are luxurious pet gadgets and take the last place in the list of must have pet gadgets.