Analytical tools like Google Analytics, are very useful at various stages of online marketing. A website must be tracked properly, in order to calculate return of investment, on any marketing scheme, or program applied for their website.

Google Analytics for a website is one of the most advanced and free tool, that can be utilized to track one’s website with various aspects. Checking website visitors’ location, number of visitors, source and many other aspects that help determine a future plan for online marketing, and also improvise their existing schemes for optimization techniques, is possible when using it.

This tool is user friendly, and one can find help readily available in blogs, discussion forums, and at Google help centers. Website submission for tracking is also an easy job, when one registers with Google. After signing in, there are many tools and product options available for one to choose from.

Adwords, AdSense, Search based keyword tool and many more. Making use of these products does not need, one to have multiple accounts. One can manage, Adwords used for advertising, AdSense used for their website, and other products with a single account that is opened with Google.

When one wants to add their website for Google Analytics, they can do so by clicking “Add Website” profile available after signing in. After the process of addition is complete, a code will be displayed, with a unique tracking number for your website. This code consisting of tracking number in the format UA-XXXXXX-X, which should be added to the website code for every page, if one is using HTML, or other coding language to display web pages. Few websites provide module to add code to their website, through which, it can be added to all pages in their site, else one may have to copy this code for every page.

Besides having detailed reports for a website, it also features visual representation of this data for better understanding. This makes Google Analytics most sought after tool for online website management. Knowing the physical location of online visitors is of great help, because, one may know if there is need for improving local marketing schemes.

This data mining feature that has organized reports for friendly viewing and understanding, is influential in deciding if a banner based advertising on a website, should be continued or not. List of website sources from which, more unique online visitors are coming to your website, is tracked easily by Google Analytics tool Traffic sources tab, which can be used for this decision. Using search based keyword tool for their niche business, one can also employ proper optimization techniques for increasing their website’s visibility to search engines.

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