Those who love to solve puzzles must have their experience with the Rubik’s cube. Well, this is one of the most common puzzles in the world.  This classic puzzle comes with 6 faces that has 9 stickers featuring 6 solid colors. You can turn the faces independently and thus have to match the colors. Each of the face has to be of the same color to solve the whole puzzle.

If you think that solving this puzzle is very easy, then you will be surprised to know that a lot of mathematics and algorithms is also involved in this puzzle.

Some of the variations of this puzzle are available with seven layers that have two cubes on each side. Nowadays many variations of the classic Rubik’s cube are available out there.  Click here to read about Sudoku Rubik’s Cube

The Rubik’s Revenge has 16 pieces on each side as shown in the picture. Solving this bigger cube is similar to the original 3X3X3. Rubik’s Revenge has more combinations and ways to solve it.

 You can even find the Rubik’s  Master cube with four cubes on each side
 Those with five cubes are called Professor’s Cube
 Those with two cubes is known as mini or pocket cube
 You can even find an electronic version of the cube called the CESailor Tech’s E-cube.
 The Megaminx is a dodecahedron-shaped puzzle with 12 faces.

The famous classic puzzle has inspired puzzles for skill improvement and similar ones. You can now even play this puzzle on your computer with simulations. The fame of this puzzle has also touched the movies, as many characters in the movies have been seen solving the Rubik’s cube for establishing higher intelligence.

However, solving this puzzle can be frustrating sometimes, but now you can learn how to solve easily, with the help of a guide. You should start with familiarizing yourself with the array of Notations. Then you should solve the puzzle layer by layer. The first layer is the cross. When you are done with this layer, you should position it at the base.

Then you should move ahead with solving the four corners one after another. Then you should move on to the middle layer, for which you can use an algorithm. Finally, you will have to solve the last layer. You can find many alternative solutions on the internet as well.  These will guide you to solve the whole puzzle step by step. You can also use some tips for your benefit.  For instance, you should know the colors of the cube well and remember which one is opposite which color. In this way, solving the Rubik’s cube becomes easier, for anyone who uses a little brain.