SEO or Search Engine Optimization and SEM can be considered as different marketing strategies. A marketing strategy, may, or may not include SEM, but a marketing is never complete without SEO. A website for a firm is optimized, to make it visible to search engines. This is called Search Engine Optimization, this reverse marketing strategy deals with provider being present, when a customer is searching for a niche product.

That is, a website is listed for a search result when it has been optimized, and if a website applies good SEO techniques, like having good mix of keywords on website content(online SEO), having more submissions to different article directories(offline SEO), etc, it can make it to the top results of a search. This is necessary for being visible to a customer.

Search Engine Marketing on the other hand, is a typical pay program, that is made used to get noticed by potential customers at different SERP’s. Consider Google search engine result page(SERP) for a keyword. The first part displays ads, related to the search keyword and to make it to that place, one has to choose a proper Pay to click package by Google.

That is, one pays Google even if visitor clicks the ads or not. One can also choose different PTC websites to display their ads but SEM is considered more fruitful, because relevant ads are displayed to relevant customers thus increasing possibility of an online sale. SEO does not work this way.

A website may need both SEO and SEM for maintaining good ranking in search engines. SEO precedes SEM, meaning, a website listed for SEM is of no use, unless they have applied efficient SEO techniques. Since a potential client notices a website when they are searching online, it is often thought SEM is superior to SEO, but SEO and SEM are at par with each other, and necessary only when all other marketing strategies are in place.

While SEO needs long durations for one to know if a particular strategy applied has worked or not, SEM results are pretty fast to access and view. These ads can be managed easily, and are very affordable too. Choosing the right package for SEO, as well as SEM is necessary for a website to make it atop SERP.

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