When you are building a new website for your business, the main objective is undoubtedly to showcase your products or services in front of a large audience. However, you should keep in mind that there are thousands and thousands of websites dealing with similar businesses and vying with each other to gain one-upmanship.

 Hence, to get a strong foot-hold in this World Wide Web, and to bring your website on top of the searches, is not an easy task. You have to optimize your website right from start, by implementing special techniques, so that your website is easily noticed and placed on the top search results by search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Domain Name: While building a new website for your products or services, select a domain name which has a keyword related to your website theme, is simple and easy to remember. If your website is a global one, go for .com domain. In case of local sites, select the domains in that particular country.

Site map: A proper site-map for your website will help the search engine spider index your site faster. Utilize the reliable tools available on the internet to create a site-map for your website. Otherwise, if you are using WordPress, there are simple plug-in tools readily available in order to install the site-map easily.

Research the market properly before planning your website: Keep SEO foremost in your mind right from the moment you decide to build a website. Research your keywords thoroughly using the best Keyword research tool. Google Adwords is the best tool for this purpose. Use keywords which are relevant to your site and are searched the most. You have to decide on your SEO promotion budget depending on the competition your targeted keywords face.

Write clear and informative content: While writing the matter for your web pages, make sure you write relevant and informative content on each page for your users, along with unique title tags, meta description and meta keywords tag for each page. This will help search engine users understand what the web page is about, along with a brief description of the page, whenever any of your indexed web page shows up in the search results. Please note that unique and informative page content is always appreciated by search engines. Excessive keyword stuffing should be strictly avoided. Since search engines appreciate fresh content, keep adding fresh content periodically for best results.

Back-linking: Effective back-linking is important for getting a good Google Page rank for your website. Link with reliable and relevant websites having good page rank, using your keyword as the anchor text.

Press Releases: Connect with your prospective clients via press releases, informing them about your latest products or services, festival offers, discounts, forthcoming models, etc. Back links from press releases are also considered important by search engines.

Use Web Analytics: After you have launched your website, track your site visitors, and the way search engines view your website. Also track the various external links which are driving traffic to your website. For this, install web analytics tools, and make necessary changes to your website for getting maximum incoming traffic.

Social Media marketing: Promote your website on various widely used social media sites. The more your website gets shared on social networking sites, the more its visibility and reliability increases. Join various discussion groups, share information and promote your website as well.

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