Search Engine Optimization is the buzzword that every firm wants to excel in. Having an optimized site, always gets it better Google Search Engine Ranking. Everything depends on keywords, and using them effectively in tags, titles and URL of a page. SEO begins with website review, proceeding to keyword research, then followed by optimization techniques for a website. This will include writing fresh web content with right keyword density, without being spammed, or modifying same content to achieve optimization.

So, the crucial part is played by inclusion of keywords for obtaining better Google Search Engine Ranking. A header tag for a web page is sorted to have higher rank, if it includes the keyword that is typed in search engine. Also, one should take care to give relevant heading instead of using irrelevant keywords. A header should be a description to what follows in the web content.

Keywords in title tags should be within the first sixty characters only. While this is important, one should not resort to keyword stuffing and use it for content that is irrelevant to the keywords. This may earn penalty or a ban from Search engines. One should understand that algorithms for search engines are intelligent and can spot spam from genuine content. To avoid increased keyword density, one may want to use semantically linked keywords. This way, one can optimize their web content properly and earn better Google Search Engine Ranking.

Linking keywords in a website to relevant pages is also very important. When internal linking is intelligent, it has a say in getting better Google Search Engine Ranking. For all the image content, one should use alt tags, which are easily recognized by Google search bars. This requires one to use conventional HTML coding, or coding that Google search spiders understand. Getting good results for image search, is also an optimization technique to occupy top slot in search results.

Having meaningful URL’s also count to attain better Google Search Engine Ranking. Keyword inclusion in page URL is a good way to get through the intelligent search engine spiders. Last but not the least, one should include their site map in website root. One should submit site map to search engine like Google. For this, one can make use of webmaster tools. Having HTML version of this page helps  online visitors, as well.

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