Streaming players are a necessity for people, who want to watch web content on TV. These are the best when one wants to watch their favorite programs on their iPads or smart devices or even on HD TV, when appropriate model for streaming player is chosen. Below is a comparison for popular streaming players like Roku, Apple TV, Slingbox.

The affordable and most popular of the three is Roku. With three different models to choose from that are priced below $100, and ability to offer high quality streaming, this is the best choice. One may opt a Roku XD priced at $79.9, if they do not want a USB port, or optical audio with component video. Using Roku XS, one may browse different types of content from Netflix, Amazon, Pandora, Hulu, etc, which is priced around $98. Roku XDS is the best model that offers quite a good variety of content to the users and is priced at $99.

Apple TV pricing, starts at $99 and may go up to $118.37 depending on the model chosen. One may be offered iTune store access and also AirPlay. Apple fans will definitely want to buy this streaming device for it offers HD viewing from Netflix and iTunes that have reasonable price for watching an episode. Using iPad or iPhone as remote for this streaming box is another specialty of this player. Playback of videos, or audios, or photos from internet is easier when using Apple TV.

Streaming quality video over wireless connection is not easy to achieve, but Slingbox streaming player has successfully achieved this feat. This device does not need any wired connections for syncing with TV, to be able to stream videos to it. SlingCatcher is used to sling a video being played on a PC to a HD TV. The quality is very high and one may get to watch any web video using this streaming device. Limited bandwidth is also not a problem when using Slingbox for video streaming. Slingbox Solo priced $180, is used for watching a HD video on a computer. Slingbox Pro priced at $300, is used to stream it to HD TV.

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