With many interesting apps for iPhone and Android, students also can benefit from it. Below is a list of top apps for student using android and iPhone.

For science students, being up to date on science news is crucial. Android app that gives constant update on Science is Google News: Science. It tops the chart for top Android apps for students. Free iPhone app named Evernote makes note in either voice, or picture input, or text input. It’s rated as the best iphone app for students.

Second on charts for top apps for Android is A History of Science, which is very informative and give loads of information about scientific wonders. Second among top iPhone apps for students is iStudiez Pro, which is a paid app to keep track of time table with unique color coding schemes.

Third comes Study Droid  in Android apps. Study Droid lets one use virtual flash cards. Cram comes third in top iphone apps. It is a flash card based paid study tool.

Fourth comes Droid Scan in top Android apps for students Droid scan can be used to scan a page in HD using Android device. BigWords comes fourth in top iphone apps for students. BigWords, is a free app that lets one check online prices of books in BigWords.com.

Fifth comes Voice Recorder in top Android apps for students. Using a voice recorder, one can record a lecture and listen to it later, or refer it when needed. As for top iPhone apps for students, there is free Wikipedia app at fifth. Using this app, students can refer any information, or check synoymns easily.

Sixth comes Course Pro in top Android apps. Course Pro is a manager tool for keeping track of assignments and courses. For iphone, it’s Dictionary.com at sixth. It helps with locating meaning for any word quickly.

Seventh comes Mint among top Android apps. Mint is a simple financial management tool, to keep track of money spent.  myHomework is ranked at seven in top iphone apps.  myHomework is good to keep track of assignments and work to be better organized

Share Your Board comes eighth for top Android apps. Share Your Board transforms images on White board for easy understanding., PI83 Graphing Calculator comes eighth in top iPhone apps for students. Graphic calculator is the best paid app for students.

Last pair for top 10 Android apps for students consists of SnapTell and GDocs for Android. Snap Tell can be used to compare pricing by scanning a bar code, while GDocs can be used to edit and send files to any other device from your Android device. Mind mapping tools like SimpleMind and iThoughts take the ninth and tenth position in top 10 iPhone apps for students respectively. Check out our article on Must have iPhone Apps for Girls 

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