When you log onto your Facebook account, you can see the huge number of users who are a part of it as well, and have you ever wondered what kind of boost your website will get if you can attract this traffic to your site.  Instead of running behind the conventional methods, you can use a few creative techniques for Getting facebook traffic to your site.

Embedding widgets can be useful for your website. You can find many Facebook Social Plugins and you can put them on your blog or site. Widgets like Live Stream and Like Box are the recommended widgets than can work wonders for your site.

Your profile can work the magic ass well, and this is equally important for most of the social networking sites. Provide all the background information and make your profile public. You can also share some content from your website on with your Facebook friends.

There are some other ways, which you can use to attract more Facebook traffic. These include:

Facebook groups: This can work for getting traffic to your site.

Facebook Fan Pages: Do not give the pan pages a miss, because they can be another great source of Getting facebook traffic to your site.

Welcome Page: You can design a welcome page yourself, or can use a fan page theme.

Regular postings: All your efforts will go in vain, if you do maintain the interest of your visitors by posting regularly.

Make certain that you set up your page in the right manner. Facebook offers a number of possibilities. You can put a link to your site or blog on your page or you can even put RSS feeds. Other than this, you can also take the advantage of Facebook’s videos, which are very useful in Getting facebook traffic to your site.

All you have to do is to load the video content on to your fan page. Then copy the source code and embed it on your website or blog. You can also try Facebook Ads to perk up your fan count. You might want to finish off with creating a resource list to premium resources and niche associated freebies.

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