Android devices are known for great gaming consoles and graphic rich visuals, for most games that are offered. Since gaming is a favorite past time for people of all ages, popularity levels of games change dynamically, with each new games that are added. Below are top 3 Android racing games , listed along with little insight on each.

Raging Thunder 2 makes it to top position, even though it is available for $4.99. This game is for racing addicts to explore new avenues. One can choose their adventure locations and cruise either in beach, or ice capped mountains, or even great wall. This game is very interactive and engaging, thus becoming a favorite with many crazy racing fans.

Racing tracks are not boring when you play Raging Thunder 2, from abandoned temples to tropical beaches. You can enjoy racing on every track, when playing this game. It has single player mode, as well as, multiplayer mode for a group to participate simultaneously. One has to get involved when playing this interactive game.

Next comes the Asphalt 6, which is priced at $6.99. This is considered as the best game for Android device lovers. With 12 breathtaking tracks to cover up, 55 events to attend in eleven separate leagues, one can expect a lot of adrenaline rush when playing Asphalt 6. You can choose a fast car, from over forty designs each with specification and specialty of its own.

This multiplayer game allows six players online. Graphics are cool and makes one feel they are in a real race, seated in front of a steering wheel. If locations are different from the usual conventional races, then there is high quality visuals to take your breath away. Gaming was never this engaging until the dawn of Asphalt 6.

Next in the race is Trial Xtreme, for all the biking lovers. This is sure an indulging game to play on any Android device. This is available as a free trial version and paid version at $1.99. One can first get the feel of it, before buying it. As many as 60 levels to play and each one is never easy.

Dirtbiking was never this fun and indulging. This is again an interactive gameplay, where one gets to perform all kinds of stunts which they usually cannot when biking in real time. Make sure that you are using touch screen, as well as device controls, when performing stunts.

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