The Nintendo DS games are designed with additional features that greatly contribute to heightening the standards of these games. The launch of the new brand of Nintendo 3DS games made a breakthrough in the gaming industry giving gamers an exciting new gaming experience. Some of the top 5 all time hit nintendo DS games (as per the majority statistics) to watch out for include;

New Super Mario Bros
This game ranks highly in the popularity list attributing to its polished graphics quality as well as its technicalities. The storyline of the game surrounds a well illustrated escapade of Mario fighting Browsers henchmen in a bid to save Princess Peach.

 To help him attain his mission that consists of 80 levels, Mario has a couple of power ups for instance super mushroom and star man. Each level of the game captures the gamer’s attention and heightens their ambition to reach the last level that saves the princess.

Mario Kart DS
Mario Kart DS is among the best selling video games of all time. It basically engages the player to race in a kart alongside other 11 racing characters. The game has a top screen that allows the player to have a third person’s perspective on his kart while the bottom screen shows the current status of the race and a map of the entire course. There is also an item box that has a gamut of features that will help the racer have an advantageous position over other racers.

Mario Party DS
This game ranks highly among the top selling Nintendo DS games. It is basically about Mario finding one of the five sky crystals that fell on earth. Bowser discovers that Mario and his crew has a hold of the sky crystal and invites then to a party where he tactically schemes to steal the crystal. He sends the crew to a far kingdom so that they don’t get in his way as he searches for the rest for crystals.

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