With the launch of Nintendo Wii a few years back, more and more gamers have been swayed by the astounding collection of games offered. Many have attested to the impressive gaming experience they have encountered along with the amazing control features like motion sensing that the games offers. Although different people have different tastes and preferences, here is a list of top all time hit Nintendo Wii as designated by the majority?

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
The Legend of Zelda is one among the most preferred games among the Nintendo Wii games collection.


The game was designed by Shigeru Miyamoto who did an excellent job on the graphics and the overall display options and quality of the game. It features an all new adventurous escapades with Princess Zelda and the Ganondorf, the evil one.

The game has amazing over world characters including dungeons coupled with incredible technicalities for game manipulation and control for instance the availability of a link that allows you to transform into a wolf. Other control features that aids in maneuvering in the game include; sword slashes that are gesture based and the accurately configured bow and arrow targeting. With all these amazing features of the game it goes without saying that the game is a best seller of all times.        

Wii Sports: FIFA 09
The other Nintendo games that have high sales records are the Wii sports particularly the FIFA 09 edition. The game comes with sophisticated game play features including; enhanced goalkeeper intelligence, ability to create and configure your own customized controls, a wide array of customized team tactics to select from and faster maneuverability features while passing and shooting. When it comes to the graphics of the game, the designer integrated top notch animation technology ensuring that the display is sharper hence making the game feel more realistic.

Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition
The Resident Evil 4, Wii Edition is essentially an improved version of previous releases.

The action game has an intriguing story line that stars Leon S. Kennedy in an expedition to save the president’s daughter who was abducted. This version comes with improved maneuverability control features as well as refined graphics.  

Super Smash Bros: The Brawl
This is an action packed game that features quite a number of characters popular on other Nintendo games. The game is equipped with limitless features and options like weapons and other facilities. The storyline of the game is basically an invasion of the Smash Bros world by an ancient minister and an army troop of creatures referred to as ‘Primed’.  Trophies awarded to those who win the battles!

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