Internet security tools are indispensable during the time where trojans, viruses and spam are rampant. A lot depends on what aspects need attention, when searching for free security tools. Few give minimal protection, while a few give some extra protection, but paid versions definitely have greater protection to offer. Below is listing of top free internet security tools.

Most of the time, one is satisfied with checking spyware, or virus for antivirus tools and offering this service for free is Avast free antivirus. This free version is best for home use, where one may visit all sorts of websites. This does not need elaborate procedures for installation, since its interface is user friendly. It also presents for easy uninstall options if the user did not want a certain gadget that was automatically downloaded through Avast. Potential viruses may be kept at bay when one has installed this free security tool. Online activities may be secured when opting Pro services. These are suitable for business computers.

Coming next in popularity is OutpostFree security suite. This can be installed on 32 bit or 64 bit systems running Windows 7, or higher versions. It occupies a space disk of about 200MB. It is the best firewall, which provides proactive protection along with being a good anti-virus and anti-spyware tool. Installing this will make web surfing safe to a moderate level. A higher level security will be achieved when one upgrades to Pro suites from same.

When safer online shopping is what one needs, they are bound to choose Ad-Aware. This makes it to the top free Internet security tools, because it makes web browsing more safer by preventing identity theft, theft of passwords, rootkits, trojans, fraudsters online along with providing virus and spyware protection to a personal computer. One may opt for a paid package for getting greater security benefits. With installer file size also shrunk to 12MB in its latest version and being a suite that supports Windows 2000 and up, it is a hot choice for computer security.

Disk cleaning, registry and protection for free is offered in Glary Utilities. Disk cleaning is crucial to increase speed and improve performance of a system. This is easy to use even for a novice as it has a user friendly interface. Managing a system efficiently needs Glary Utilities. From providing protection from unauthorized file access, to erasing user specific data in cookies to avoid identity thefts, this package enjoys great popularity among many PC users. It is best when one wants to manage a simple home system and supports Windows 2000 and up.

Another similar free internet security tool is Advanced SystemCare Free. This provides options to take complete control of a system. From registry to disk cleaning, everything is managed perfectly using this tool. Malware scan, fixing, deletion of junk files, and much more which make a system perform at increased speeds. Installation file size is around 28MB and it can also be installed on Windows 2000 or higher versions.