Phone games are replacing regular PC games, for they can be carried anywhere. Windows 7 supports a host of games that are a pleasure to play along. From racy, adrenaline pumping action oriented games to quiet puzzle games; there are games for every person. Below is a compilation for top Windows 7 Games.

Coming atop the list for its racy action and thrill, is Hydro Thunder Go. It is a battle game that couples racing track into it. One has to battle pirate ships, UFOs and host of other opponent invaders; who can be as wild as a dinosaur, or an UFO. So being prepared pays off. With 9 levels and various scenarios, one may never have enough of this game. 12 power boats, bonus boats and many boats to be unlocked, this game is a thrill from the beginning until the end. It is priced at $4.99.

If a different sort of game is what one is looking for, most of them will opt for Pocket God. It is second in popularity for Windows 7 games. One may get a taste of what it is being God. Playing with life or creating it or destroying it in one’s own way. Everything depends on the person playing this game. It is very different to crowd of games available online and is available for $2.99.

Puzzle games are a popular genre and no list of top Windows 7 games is complete without mention of Enigmo. This puzzle game, tests one’s skill at using puzzle pieces to direct water or liquid droplets to its destination. Ability to move puzzle piece into the right position is the key to finishing fast and earning bonus points. This game comes for $2.99.

Mahjong in its conventional mode is an interesting game. When this regular game is offered with features that lets one explore board in 3D by tilting, circling or zooming, it adds a new dimension to this game. That is 3D Mahjong Solitaire Free all about. This game comes in two modes, free mode lets one play for whiling away time without the need to record their achievements or get awarded for it, while the championship is for serious Mahjong fans.

Another Windows 7 free puzzle game that is addicting is Flow. One has to simply connect pipes of matching colors. A level is complete when one covers the whole board with pipes. Pipes should not overlap or cross over, in which case they break.

A touch of Sci fi thrill is available in Mars Runner. This game is basically a racing game that needs one to dodge all obstructions and scour this Red planet with plans to colonize, because Earth’s resources are depleted. One may earn bonus when they finish racing through Martian tunnels.

Coming next is Pandas Vs Ninjas. It is similar to Angry birds and needs Pandas or players to kill Ninjas by throwing Pandas at them. Ninjas hide behind or underneath a structure, which collapses when pandas fall onto them taking ninjas with it.

Slice and throw is an engaging game that needs one to be attentive while slicing the scrolls, for red ones take a life while green and gold are useful in hitting targets. It becomes fast paced with higher levels.