Kinect games are very innovative when considering the concept and fun to play. With so many Kinect games to choose from, one may simply get baffled. This difficulty is easy to overcome, when one knows what the top xbox Kinect games are. Below is a compilation to help one with choosing the most popular kinect game.

Topping kinect games list is Dance Central, with highest positive reviews. This dance video game can be played in any area, that has enough space to dance around. This game is a hit with many people. Whether they are ace dancers or amateurs, they get in groove once selection of song is done with.

This game, tracks body movements to judge a primary dancer dancing in front of TV. This is a very infectious game and is often used as at informal dance competitions organized at home. Burn those calories the fun way, because dance moves a dancer performs in this game are based on aerobics. This game is priced around $49.99.

Coming closely behind in top xbox kinect games is Sonic Free Riders. This is typical hoverboard racing game, that has the right mix of adventures in it. Not only does one gets to race around in tracks, but also fight the baddies of Babylon Rogues, to win this game. It is one kiddie game, that enthralls adults, as well. It is priced around $29.99.

The next popular kinect game is Kinect adventures. This has kids and adults wanting to go on an adventure, with this game. One can explore different worlds, save laboratories and much more. To do so, one has to have more tricks up their sleeve. Jumping and dodging obstacles in one’s way to attain victory, is a great achievement that can be shared online too. This is priced around $149.99.

Fighters Uncaged, is another game that has got all the fight crazy fans attention, since its release and makes it to the list of top xbox kinect games. This game tracks one’s body movements, when fighting the opponents. One will have to bear in mind, about the distance from which this tracking is possible and also the techniques that are recognized for punching, kicking and defense. One can also train and learn a great deal, when playing this game. This game comes for about $39.99.

Children love to play Kinectimals, because it is pet training based game that has a treasure hunt angle to it. Island hunting and exploring is easy, when one understands how to interact with their pets. Pet can be trained and during this training, one will start exploring this island with hidden treasures. Showing affection to their pet is also important, to build rapport and build their discovery meter. This is also a body movement tracking game, but kids may also choose to give voice commands to their pets while training. It costs around $29.99.

Making it to top xbox kinect games list is Kinect Joy Ride. This game is all fun, because one has to use their body to race. Many modes of racing, makes this game very interesting. It is basically a racing game, but with more fun because, one is actually driving their car. Getting the moves right, is the key to playing it right and winning. There is no stopping once they get hold of this game. Pricing is around $29.99.

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